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How to choose Kids sneakers in Egypt

How to choose Kids sneakers in Egypt

How to choose Kids sneakers in Egypt

While choosing Kids sneakers in Egypt, you should have several things in mind. Hold on tight if a miracle lives in your family, ready to roll mountains so that it is not dull.

Kicking the ball, cats, peer friends, every stone, puddles, dirt, and trees - sneakers from the local market will not resist this onslaught.

Regardless of the level of activity of the child, the question of choosing children's shoes for different tasks is facing each parent.

In this material, we have gathered the experience of many experienced parents and tell you what to look for when choosing sneakers for children.

Kinds of Kids sneakers in Egypt

    To begin with, it is worth determining for what purposes you choose children's shoes. It varies according to use.

    • Indoor - shoes for physical education, schools, indoor sections. Such shoes should breathe well, have a light and not soiled sole, preferably classical lacing, be without a membrane, and soft to twist and bend.
    • Urban - shoes for civic activities should be durable, with a protected toe, a simple, soft sole, and a regular tread. If it is for fall/winter/spring, it should be waterproof, with a Gore-Tex membrane or other impervious lining and a medium-high block. For summer, options are needed for more natural, without a layer, well breathing.

    Kids sneakers in Egypt

    • Trail - shoes for activities in nature, including in the mountains, should have a sturdy tread, a durable sole, nose, and heel. Summer options for uniquely dry weather can be chosen without a membrane. Still, in order to catch two bunnies with one pair of slippers and take into account the desperation of mountain adventures, it is worth taking immediately with a membrane.

    Ten main qualities of Kids sneakers in Egypt

    1. Strength

    In case the child went hunting a dragon -in addition to fire resistance- the shoes should have a sharp nose that absorbs shock, durable upper material, a sole made of wear-resistant rubber, a strong back, tongue.

    So that you don't have to change shoes too often, focus on this item first. This is especially true for little Ronaldo and Messi.

    Kids sneakers in Egypt for physical education or ordinary socks are often devoid of additional reinforcing details for the sake of ease and convenience. And yet, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the seams, soles, socks.

    1. Stiffness of the sole for bending and twisting.

    Based on the purpose of the destination, Kids sneakers in Egypt may be different. If we talk about hiking in the mountains, the sole in footwear for this purpose will be more stringent for the safety of the child's feet; here, the sole will be worse bent than in shoes for everyday wear.

    Sneakers and sneakers for everyday life should be softer and should be easier to bend and curl, the child's leg in them should not get tired, spending extra effort during activity.

    1. Good ventilation properties

    If the kid is doing activities in a hot environment consider the following. The legs of the little hunter should not be squeaked, but if it still rained magically, well-ventilated shoes would quickly drain the water and dry faster.

    For activity in warm weather, these types of shoes are needed. Proper ventilation in running shoes is especially important for physical education and wearing indoors, for example, at school.

    1. Moisture protection

    If the kid is doing activities in mud, the child's legs should remain dry. Membrane shoes or sneakers protect your feet from moisture, even if you need to jump 1000 and one puddle.

    The moisture-proof membrane is built into sneakers and boots for walking in nature, especially in the mountains, where there is a high probability of getting into the rain.

    Kids sneaker

    1. Fast lacing or Velcro

    Speed ​​and ease of lacing are one of the critical advantages of good Kids sneakers in Egypt.

    Some models have different combinations, for example, shoelaces + Velcro, others, like Salomon or Adidas, have a quick lacing QuickLace.

    Plus, such laces do not untie and do not become trouble every 500 meters. Laces should not be the cause of hooks, which means that they should not hang in a laced form. 

    One thing is for sure - you cannot lose a second if everyone is already waiting in the yard!

    1. Convenience

    Kids sneakers in Egypt should not hang out or run out in some places. It's worth choosing in size or with a small margin in the sock, mainly if your activities include mountain hiking.

    Ask your child if the child already speaks. If the child runs and jumps a lot, then it is worth paying attention to the cushioning properties of the sneaker.

    The top should feel soft inside. All of that criteria are found in (Jlood) product, give it a shoot.

    1. Outsole tread

    When choosing Kids sneakers in Egypt, pay attention to the relief of the tread, based on what the child will do.

    In outdoor activities, a tenacious tread is desirable that would hold grip equally well when climbing trees, running along a country road, playing soccer, and landing in a dirty puddle.

    This, at least, dramatically reduces the risk of slipping and falling. This means that the greenback with iodine will remain intact. Yes, and fewer tears!

    1. Soil soiled

    If the shoes are selected for use in kindergarten, schools, or other rooms, check with the sellers if they leave traces when sliding, braking. Most outdoor shoes are now made with a sole that leaves no residue, but it's still worthwhile to clarify.

    1. Color

    In the assortment of the Sport-Marathon store, children's shoes are presented in mostly bright colors.

    Dominated by blue, green, pink, orange. These are the most successful options for activities in an urban environment indoors.

    For outdoor activities, it is better to choose darker models. There are more practical ones - black, gray, brown, dark blue models for a little outdoors. These shoes do not mind getting dirty.

    Kids sneakers

    1. Flashing lights, lanterns, cat-flowers

    This is all, of course, great - if it does not interfere with use. Remember, heel flashers were trendy? In high-quality outdoor shoes for children, you can hardly find such shoes.

    After a breakdown, the shoes will most likely not be attractive to the child, if they were initially bought because of them.

    We would recommend abandoning unnecessary parts that could break, come off or cause hooks on something, and as a result, create a fall.

    • Orthopedic Question

    We will not ignore responsible parents who care about the proper development of the musculoskeletal system of their child.

    If an orthopedic specialist has appointed orthopedic shoes for prevention, which most often does not fit with an active lifestyle, you can find a compromise - outdoor shoes with orthopedic insoles or inserts.

    Most children's outdoor-segment shoes have protective characteristics and high foot comfort.

    • The size

    Parents do not agree in one opinion - to take shoes with a margin for growth or size. For those who value the importance of convenience, we recommend taking several pairs of different sizes for growth at once during discounts and sales.

    Thus, you will deprive yourself of a headache for several years ahead, and the child will always walk in comfortable shoes.

    Yes, shoes, of course, should not be back to back, especially trail shoes, it is advisable to have a margin of approximately half a centimeter in shoes. And she should never be reaped or smaller!

    It should be borne in mind that different companies have different dimensional grids, so you need to know the foot size in centimeters.

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