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Shoes For Short Women In Egypt

Shoes For Short Women In Egypt


A correctly selected pair of Shoes for Short Women In Egypt can add growth, emphasize fragility, put together an image, make it more expensive.

But it’s wrong to completely ruin or reduce the cost and make your legs shorter and thicker.

Today I will tell you how to choose the perfect pair, where to find it and how to look taller with it. Are you curious already? Then we begin.

Shoes for Short Women In Egypt: Selection tips

    Do not choose too high, huge heel. Huge heels will make your gait awkward and ruin your posture, which will ruin the impression.

    It is better to stop the choice at 7-8 cm maximum. It also often happens that on miniature very high heels plus the platform do not look very good, so be careful.

    Shoes For Short Women In Egypt

    1. Discard too massive and bulky shoes. Such a pair will draw attention to the lower part, and against its background, you will seem even smaller. And if you also have thin legs, you will be as if in hooves. Rough shoes with moderately thick soles are welcome!
    2. Choose shoes that are not contrasting to the color of the legs. Try to make sure that it either matches the color of what is worn: tights, knee-highs, long trousers, flared jeans, or the colors were in the same gamut. And if put on a barefoot, then pick up a tone of skin tone. 
    3. It is desirable that shoes for small stature were with a pointed toe. Not bulging up, not too long, classic sharp tip. Firstly, because the rounded nose is slowly losing relevance (now the square is more relevant), and secondly, the smooth narrowing of the toe gives one or two more visual centimeters to the length of the legs.
    4. The thickness of the heel also matters. If your height is small, but you are a girl with shapes, then the stilettos will make you even bigger, give preference to stable heels, your legs will seem slimmer. On the contrary, girls with thin legs shouldn't choose too thick massive heels, the legs will completely be lost against their background. Graceful heels, but not necessarily a hairpin - just your story.
    5. Another important point based on the common mistakes of miniature girls. If, for example, you have black ankle-length trousers or tucked-in blue jeans, then if you choose low boots or boats, they should not be black or dark blue. In this case, it is better to give preference to a nude or non-contrasting color of the feet of the shoes. So there will be fewer horizontal lines “cutting” the length of your legs, and accordingly, the legs will appear longer, and you will be taller. And by the way, using this miniature technique you can easily violate the rule “do not wear tucked jeans”

    These are the basic principles when choosing Shoes for Short Women In Egypt, now let’s go through what shoes little girls should wear at different times of the year.

    And I will show the most relevant and universal examples in the photo.

    Shoes For Short Women

    Shoes for Short Women In Egypt for spring and summer

      When it warmed up and became dry, for spring and summer, they are perfect:

      • Loafers. They fit perfectly into almost any look. Choose pointed, non-flashy, soft colors. If you put them on your barefoot with skirts, dresses, shorts or overalls, then choose nude, silver and gold look good and stylish, you can even with an animal print. If your legs are shortened trousers, then it is better to choose loafers of a non-contrast shade to the skin. Or, if the loafers are colored, then pick up interesting socks, matching in color, but not contrasting with shoes and trousers - this will visually lengthen the legs.
      • Sneakers. Focus on neutral colors such as white, gray, flesh or silver. All these colors will be easily combined in different images. For many years now, white sneakers similar to tennis shoes remain especially relevant. At the same time, the sneakers mustn't be “killed”, yellowed, dirty and worn. The slightly worn-out converse may look good in grunge or boho looks, but it’s better not to risk it and, when the time comes, replace a worn pair. The cult lifestyle models from New Balance, Asics, Nike and Puma are also still relevant. 
      • Replace ballet shoes.  Ballet shoes are gradually leaving. If you need ballet flats, then the sharp-nosed, elegant, nude matching skin tone will become the ideal pair. But it’s better not to spend money on ballet flats with a round nose.
      • Classic boats of all the same colors that I listed above. And the most universal will be gray or nude, especially from suede. Such people will never go out of fashion, so you can buy more expensive ones. Pay attention also to white shoes, white shoes this season are especially relevant. The main thing is that the nose is sharp. If you want shoes with a rounded cape, it is better to take a little retro-style with a membrane. In the photo, I will give a few examples to make it clearer. If it is very difficult to walk in high heels, then choose kitten hill boats - this spring and summer such a heel is especially relevant (a low sharp heel) or in a thick small heel. 
      • Sandals. Choose white, silver and gold, tan or skin tone. Pay particular attention to platform sandals. The heel may be thick, but not contrasting and not stand out. If you want to color, you can beat them with socks - now the combination of sandals + socks are found in almost all fashion shows.
      • Mules and slippers. A great alternative to sandals and sandals that can help with visual correction of the length of the legs. The rules are generally the same: the main thing is that the shoes do not contrast with the color of the legs.

      This is if we talk about some relevant base, which will be suitable for almost everything.

      Nevertheless, it is also important to have at least one or two pairs that match your style and lifestyle, which would be interesting and not basic from the usual point of view. Although, for example, it often happens that it is this pair that you wear most often. 

      Now I will tell you which shoes are suitable for girls of small stature in the autumn-winter time.

      Shoes Short Women

      Shoes for Short Women In Egypt for fall and winter

        The choice of Shoes for Short Women In Egypt for fall and winter depends on your style, lifestyle and what you are going to wear.

        But again, I will go through the most relevant and most universal. By the way, take a look at these models at sales, they will continue to be relevant in the coming fall and winter.

        • High correct boots ("jockey") to the knee. They should not be too wide, dangling in the boot. Do not wear wedge boots; they do not look the best. And with a contrasting line, they often look cheap and are no longer relevant. The correct high boots just look great with midi skirts! This is one of my favorite combinations with them. Here are some examples of the “right ones” from Zara, Massimo Dutti and Jlood Shoes (by the way, there are 34 sizes and now at a discount!). 
        • Ankle boots with a stable, preferably thick heel. And see that they do not cover the ankle. Although sometimes you can fool around, for example, putting on ankle boots with cropped trousers/jeans that end above the ankle or with tights / golfs in a similar color. If there is no contrast, then the legs will not lose their length. If your figure, in spite of low growth, is proportional, you can quite afford such ankle boots. 
        • Men's shoes look great with skirts and dresses of any length. And in general, they, like loafers, are a great alternative to boring ballet shoes. They are also much more comfortable than heels, while at the expense of a sufficiently thick sole they can make you a little taller. For me, such boots are true salvation, and I wear them most often in winter, especially in bad weather. 
        • Chelsea looks great with down jackets and skirts above the knee. They can be both feminine and playful, or rude, masculine. 

        It is better to choose winter shoes with decor for low stature with extreme caution. Since often not the best quality fittings can significantly reduce the cost of the image.

        And too massive - to make you visually lower. Therefore, be careful.

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