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How to choose the perfect Shoes in Egypt

How to choose the perfect Shoes in Egypt

How to choose the perfect Shoes in Egypt

The ability to choose high-quality and beautiful Shoes in Egypt can be compared with real art.

Before visiting a shoe store, you should have a clear idea of ​​what shoes are needed and strictly adhere to the rule not to buy shoes only on external grounds.

What to consider when buying Shoes in Egypt

    Casual shoes in Egypt should withstand quite large loads, so the main criteria for choosing are the maximum ease and practicality in operation.

    The health of the legs and the body as a whole depends on how much the steam matches them.

    Beautiful, but extremely uncomfortable high heels with regular toe imperceptibly and slowly change the shape of the foot.

    Most of the load falls on the toe area. There is swelling, expansion of the veins, which looks unattractive.

    The joint load is taken up by the articular-ligamentous structures.

    With the prolonged and frequent wearing of high heels, signs of deformation of the first metatarsophalangeal joint, gout appear, flatfoot develops.

    And this is not all harm to the body.

    Regular wearing of uncomfortable shoes in Egypt leads to deformities of the chest and spine. All this threatens to displace the location of internal organs and, as a result, disrupt their functioning and blood supply.

    Shoes in Egypt

    Most comfortable Shoes in Egypt

      It is generally accepted that the most comfortable shoes are ballet shoes.

      But this is a big mistake, because the flat sole does not provide support for the foot, violates its cushioning function.

      As a result, tendons and muscles tighten, the risk of stretching and micro-damage increases.

      Answering the question of, what the most comfortable shoes, it should be noted that the optimal variant considered the model on a thick, stable, low-heeled shoes.

      Such products allow you to walk for a long time without signs of foot fatigue.

      The convenience of Shoes in Egypt is affected by the material of its manufacture.

      Natural raw materials become an ideal option, as it has high hygienic properties, breathability, and durability.

      Shoes should be selected by the size of the foot and special attention should be paid to the toe zone - there should be no feeling of squeezing.

      Do not rely on the fact that the material is spread; the sole should initially be freely bent when walking.

      Try out Jlood shoes in Egypt, as they are simply the best there are.

      Sneakers are considered the most comfortable shoes, but in fact, it all depends on the specific model. 

      Almost any kind of product can be comfortable to wear, be it a pair of shoes, birken stocks, mules, boots, boots, sandals, monks or deserts.

      The main thing is that the product should have a raised sole in the heel area or a small stable heel.

      When wearing, lightness and softness of gait should be felt, which largely depends on the ability of the lower part of the product to bend.

      Shoes should repeat the movement of the foot at each step.


      12 simple tricks to help you choose the perfect Shoes in Egypt

      Be sure to check if the forefoot and the back hold their shape. If you press and release them, dents should not remain. The back should be tough, as the soft will begin to quickly settle and will give you a lot of inconveniences when walking.

      • Shoes in Egypt should be chosen according to the size of the larger foot. It sounds ridiculous, but for a very large number of people, one foot is slightly larger than the second. Therefore, you should try on several sizes of shoes and buy one in which both legs will feel comfortable.
      • A mandatory requirement for new shoes in Egypt is sustainability. If you buy high-heeled shoes, try to lightly push the lift. Sometimes at the same time, the heel “pulls back”. You should not take such a pair - a staggering gait and buckled heels will spoil you a lot of nerves.
      • It is also worth paying attention to the flexibility of the sole. Take a new boot in one hand, with the other bend its toe. If the flexibility of the sole is insufficient, the joints of the foot will not be able to move normally. From this, gait disturbance, rapid fatigue may occur, the body will require additional energy costs.
      • You should not buy shoes in which the foot is constrained. No need to hope that she will soon be carried. This can lead to impaired blood circulation, impaired muscle function. Also, such shoes can quickly lose their attractive appearance.
      •  To surely avoid this situation, stand in socks on a sheet of thick paper and circle the feet with a pen. Cut out traces of the right and left foot. Put the marks on the shoes you want to purchase. Traces should enter the shoes without bending around the edges.


      • It is right to buy shoes in the evenings. Because by the end of the day, the legs swell a little and, therefore, increase in size, which means that the pair of shoes that came up to you in the morning will be too narrow in the evening and will rub your foot.
      • Check the shoes with your hand inside. The inner surface of the shoe should be soft, without coarse internal seams. The insole should be soft enough and removed from the shoe.
      • When trying on shoes, walk on a hard surface. Get off the carpet to the bare floor. Any shoes are much more comfortable sitting on your foot when you are standing on the carpet.
      • If the shoes are with heels, then the maximum height of the heel is 7–9 cm. The distance from the sole of the shoe to the heel (heel) should be at least 3 cm. The shorter the distance (2.5 cm or less), the less stable the shoes will be and the more weight is transferred to the toes.
      • It must be remembered that the legs can become slightly longer and wider, so every 2 years you need to measure their size. Especially if you buy shoes online.
      • If you purchase shoes with high heels, the foot mustn't move along the block in any way, as the shoes wear out and the foot goes forward, which can lead to damage to the heel.
      • If you choose Shoes in Egypt with fur, keep in mind that the fur will come in and additional space will form in the shoes.
      • When buying suede shoes, it is important to remember that it wears out quickly, so when trying on, it should fit your foot tight.
      • If the shoe has an elongated toe, then 1-2 cm in the toe should remain free.
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