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Shoulder bags in Egypt

Shoulder bags in Egypt

Rami Abadir |

Shoulder bags in Egypt: views, the best models and tips for choosing

Nowadays, Shoulder bags in Egypt play a key role in fashion. Men care about the harmony of their images no less than the fair sex.

For this, gentlemen have everything they need - stylish clothes and high-quality accessories in a large assortment.

Leather bags on a shoulder are recognized as one of the most popular today.

Many men choose these products and successfully complement them with many of their familiar looks. In this article, we will take a closer look at such accessories and find out what their pros and cons are.

Advantages and disadvantages of Shoulder bags in Egypt

    Usually, men choose practical, durable, and high-quality items. This applies not only to clothing but also to accessories. 

    Most often, gentlemen acquire leather products that have a lot of positive qualities.

    Consider the benefits that are characteristic of modern shoulder bags made of this popular material.

    Shoulder bags in Egypt

    • These products are very comfortable to wear. Most bag models are equipped with shoulder straps, the length of which can be independently adjusted.
    • These are functional accessories in which there are many compartments and pockets for storing a lot of things. Usually, all the contents in shoulder bags can be laid out as neatly and systematically as possible so that the right thing can be quickly and easily found in the interior of the accessory.
    • Leather is a trustworthy and reliable material that looks expensive and solid. Leather accessories are the best solution for a masculine look. With them, the appearance of a man becomes more serious and attractive. Quality leather products can last for many years without losing their pristine beauty (if you use them carefully and accurately).
    • Modern men's leather bags are presented in a rich assortment. Even the most demanding customer can choose the perfect option. On sale, there are models made in different colors and styles. You can buy a very expensive or more affordable shoulder bag - there are various options in stores.
    • Men's leather shoulder bags are easy to fit into most looks. These accessories look exceptionally stylish and reliable in business ensembles, making them more attractive and complete.

    Modern Shoulder bags in Egypt are not without flaws.

    • These accessories seem uncomfortable for avid cyclists. A shoulder bag can adversely affect balance while riding. When traveling, a leather accessory can cause shoulder strain. Most often, the last problem arises when it comes to long-distance roads.
    • The most reliable and practical products from genuine leather are recognized. However, these accessories can be costly, especially if they are products manufactured by well-known brands.
    • Shoulder bags are not the most stable, especially when compared with the same fashionable backpack among men. In the case of a shoulder product, the user will not be able to achieve optimal weight distribution. After wearing a heavy load in such an accessory, the shoulder may hurt the user.
    • On sale, you can find bags lacking a stabilizing lining on the shoulder strap. This detail only seems insignificant, but in fact, wearing a leather product without it can be quite inconvenient.

    Shoulder bags

    Genuine Leather of Shoulder bags in Egypt

      Men's bags made of genuine leather, without a doubt, are the highest quality, reliable, and practical. They are durable and have a rare appearance. A natural leather accessory can be worn for many years.

      It should be noted that most genuine leather products are expensive. If you decide to purchase a chic accessory released under a well-known advertised brand, it can cost you a tidy sum.

      Such products need appropriate care. Some dirt can be removed from the surface of a genuine leather bag only in dry cleaning.

      For the manufacture of men's bags, the following types of genuine leather are used:

      • Veal - smooth, pleasant to the touch, used in the production of luxury accessories.
      • Lamb - has a creamy shade, soft and friendly.
      • Rawhide - soft and delicate skin, not so common.
      • Nappa - the so-called calfskin, characterized by a particularly sweet and subtle texture.
      • Varnish - smooth and shiny material with water-repellent qualities.
      • Granular - content with a granular surface.
      • Nubuck - a type of smooth calfskin, has a velvety texture, vulnerable and delicate material.
      • Suede is a material that is very similar to nubuck, but appreciated much higher.
      • Vachetta - the material used to decorate accessories is raw skin.

      Faux leather of Shoulder bags in Egypt

        Often in the manufacture of accessories used more affordable leatherette.

        Thanks to modern technology, leather substitute products are difficult to distinguish from natural specimens.

        They look no less attractive and presentable, but they are much cheaper.

        Faux leather accessories have one significant minus - they are not the most durable. Such things are sensitive to temperature extremes.

        From frost, leatherette bags run the risk of cracking, and in the heat, these things quickly fade. Inexpensive artificial products are subject to abrasion.

        Shoulder bag

        Design options for Shoulder bags in Egypt

          Men's Shoulder bags in Egypt can be made in different colors, but the most common are such items:

          • Black.
          • Maroon.
          • Brown.
          • Gray.
          • Dark blue.

          Brands of Shoulder bags in Egypt

            Here is a shortlist of the most famous brands that produce high-quality men's leather bags.

            • Gucci. The fashion house produces high-quality leather bags in both compact and bright designs in the style of the brand. The assortment includes not only black but also gray, brown, and cream leather models, complemented by company emblems and color inserts.
            • Calvin Klein. The brand offers men's bags made of genuine and artificial leather. Products are characterized by a compact but attractive design and impeccable artistry.
            • Jlood Bags The brand produces expensive men's bags made of genuine leather of the highest quality. In the assortment, there are a not only everyday business but also accessories decorated with company prints from materials of different types; for example, these can be things made of ash or calfskin.

            How to choose Shoulder bags in Egypt?

              We will analyze the points on which to rely, choosing the perfect bag for men.

              • Decide on the tasks that the accessory should solve. If you need a product for storing documents and money, then you can purchase a small shoulder bag such as a purse. If you want to choose a more capacious product that you can take with you on a trip, then it is worth taking a closer look at larger copies, for example, bags.
              • Ensure high-quality material. If it is genuine leather, it should not be too rough. The product should be pleasant to the touch, devoid of any damage to the material - there should be no scratches or faded areas on the accessory.
              • Make sure the quality of the fittings. Check how all the locks and zippers of the accessory work. They should not jam.
              • Check the quality of the seams. The line should be as neat and even as possible - "stitch to stitch." Sticking threads should not be.
              • Choose an accessory of your favorite color that will harmoniously fit into your natural look. In search of a reliable product, it is better to pick up a bag of classic colors. If you need an informal youth accessory, then you can buy something more colorful and bright.
              • It is recommended to buy a leather bag made by a well-known manufacturer. Brand copies last longer and look better, although they often cost more. Do not save on buying high-quality and durable leather bags.

              Purchase leather goods in specialized stores or mono-brand boutiques.