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Soiree bags in Egypt

Soiree bags in Egypt

Rami Abadir |

Soiree bags in Egypt

Going to the theater, opera, to a corporate banquet or a gala anniversary and even to a friendly party, any woman always takes this accessory with her.

Soiree bags in Egypt, despite modest size, are real storehouse of necessary ladies' gizmos. Here you can put the phone, powder box, handkerchief, and other important little things.

It is very important that the handbag fits the evening dress and does not stand out from the general ensemble...

Significance of Soiree bags in Egypt

    Soiree bags in Egypt is one of the most feminine accessories: it is impossible to even imagine a lady in the evening at a social gathering without a small elegant handbag decorated with rhinestones.

    Soiree bags in Egypt serves as a decorative and practical accessory, although the decorative aspect is more important.

    The dress and bag are always paid equal attention. The right handbag immediately gives the image completeness.

    Soiree bags in Egypt

    If you have a simple outfit, a special aesthetic burden falls on the evening bag. But a chic dress with sequins or beads, a dress dazzling in all respects, plus a no less chic handbag is already too much.

    The handbag should perfectly match everything. Prefer handbags with handles, and you won’t be mistaken: a shoulder strap can ruin the delicate and thin fabric of the evening toilet.

    But if you choose a handbag with a strap, you must be sure of its fashion-ability and grace...

    History of Women's Evening Bags

      Until the sixteenth century, women carried small purse bags, fastened to their belts, in which they kept small personal items and money.

      Such belt handbags soon disappeared from women's fashion - they were replaced by reticules intended for needlework. ...

       This name comes from the Latin "reticulum" - "mesh". The ridicules were small bags in the form of a bag made of mesh, beads or brocade, and pulled together with a rope. ...

       The history of women's evening bags continued its development at the end of the 18th century, when the favorite of Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour, fashioned richly decorated silk reticules that were gracefully worn in hands.

      Such a handbag was immediately nicknamed "pompadour." ...

      Materials of Soiree bags in Egypt 

        Soiree bags in Egypt are made from a wide variety of materials. The classic version is a leather handbag, the clutch can be made of genuine leather or modern leather substitute - eco-leather.

        Eco skin can have a diverse structure, for example, it can mimic the surface of reptile skin.

        Often, natural or artificial suede is used to make evening bags. The highest qualities in the Egyptian market is found at Jlood Bags products.

        Another common option is a textile bag. An evening satin clutch will be a great addition to a dress made of the same material.

        Soiree bags

        In addition to the atlas, other expensive fabrics are used to make evening bags - silk, velvet, velour. There are even lace and fur handbags.

        For finishing textile bags use a stitch, drapery, embroidery.

        Less commonly used are other material options, such as plastic.

        For example, completely transparent plastic clutches look very interesting, which will be a great addition to avant-garde evening looks.

        The main types of Soiree bags in Egypt

        Despite all its miniatures, Soiree bags in Egypt can quite change the image - give it more gloss, style, festive chic. Small size is a special criterion.

        However, even the most compact handbags can be divided into several types. Let's consider them in more detail:

        • Everyday clutch. Distinctive features - restrained design, medium size, the optimal combination of softness and practicality. In some models, there are separate decorative attributes - decorative lines, embroidery, chains, zippers. A casual clutch for an evening dress can be used. The main thing is that the product itself should look elegant, and also be combined in style with an evening bow;
        • Traditional evening bag. The main distinguishing features: an abundance of decor (from elaborate embroidery to a scattering of rhinestones), miniature, bordering on impracticality, strictly focusing on a specific stylistic direction. However, a clutch for an evening dress can be a very restrained design. For example, a plain bag with a rich texture (natural suede or woven leather);
        • Decorative clutch. It is easy to guess by the very term that such a small evening bag plays the role of a catchy decorative element, but the functional potential, like a traditional bag, can be badly damaged in this case. Main feature: a fashion accessory is not a storehouse for valuables. This is just a bright decor. A good example is a clutch bracelet or clutch pendant;
        • Clutch box. This is a favorite accessory of many Hollywood celebrities. The most important details are small size, rigid frame base, clear geometric shape. Such accessories will complement the women's evening outfit well.

        Another interesting accessory option for an evening out is a clutch envelope. It is suitable for business attire and perfectly complements an evening stylish bow. The main rule remains unchanged: clothing and accessories should complement each other.

        Soiree bag

        Soiree bags in Egypt for an evening dress

          Such a stylish accessory as a bag for an evening dress can become a harmonious complement to the image and act as its final ascent.

          However, when choosing it, it is worth adhering to certain recommendations, which are as follows:

          1. If the dress is sewn from a matte plain fabric, then you can choose a handbag that will act as a bright accent of the image. It can be made of patent leather, have a velvet, satin surface. Abundant decoration with rhinestones, stones, embroidery, beads, feathers is welcome.
          2. If the dress is made of shiny fabrics, has a golden or metallic shade, contains a combination of several bright colors, to complement it is better to choose evening plain bags made of matte leather.
          3. When choosing an accessory, it is worth considering the features of the selected image. If the emphasis is on tenderness and romance, it is advisable to choose an accessory made in soft pastel colors. If you want to create a catchy and most memorable bow, preference should be given to bright colors, golden colors.

          Soiree bag Color for Evening Dress

            Such a stylish wardrobe detail as a bag for an evening dress should harmoniously fit into the image.

            At the same time, the correct choice of color gamut is of no small importance. The following combination options are allowed:

            1. The ideal solution would be if the accessory matches the color of the shoes. This technique is considered a classic and is used by all designers. However, modern fashion allows for discrepancies in the shades of these wardrobe items.
            2. The color of the handbag can be made in similar colors with the dress. So that they do not merge, the colors of the products should differ by several tones.
            3. It looks extremely impressive if evening bags and dresses are in contrast. This will help to make the image as catchy and attractive as possible. A combination of black and red, black and white is considered classic. Golden or silver accessories will help to profitably shade any outfit.
            4. If the dress contains several colors, the handbag can match the color of one of them, it looks incredibly harmonious.