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Children orthopedic shoes in Egypt

Children orthopedic shoes in Egypt

Rami Abadir |

HOW TO CHOOSE Children orthopedic shoes in Egypt?

Many mothers ask questions, what should be Children orthopedic shoes in Egypt? In this case, you need to follow the advice of the orthopedist on choosing children's shoes.

This is very important because in this way many problems can be avoided in the future. Also, the child will only be happier from the fact that the shoes sit on his leg like molten ones.

How to choose Children orthopedic shoes in Egypt for the first steps?

    Doctors advise picking up orthopedic shoes for a child starting to walk on a small heel. The toe of the sole of the shoes should be not only soft but also bendable.

    It is also worthwhile to understand what season these or those shoes are for. Usually, sandals are bought for the summer, moreover, light and with closed noses. This is necessary so that the fingers are not injured.

    The bow is very important in the winter season. Leather shoes should be stiff. Also, manufacturers of children's shoes often use a special edging in the nose, which is made of fairly dense rubber. This is very good protection against accidental falling.

    Children orthopedic shoes in Egypt

    How to buy Children orthopedic shoes in Egypt?

      Why do children need orthopedic shoes? As you know, if the shoes do not fit well, this can lead to diseases such as arthritis and arthrosis in the future.

      To avoid this, what else should be the requirements for children's orthopedic shoes? If there are various seams or folds on the shoes, it is best not to buy such a product. It’s good if the insole is removed.

      After all, anything happens, a child, for example, will wet his feet. In this case, the insole can always be replaced with a new one.

      It is also important to inspect the back of the boot, which should be hard to the touch, but as for the interior decoration, the material is usually used for this soft and without any seams.

      First of all, a child needs to evaluate new shoes and say, they press shoes or is he comfortable in them.

      Often a little man flatly refuses to buy this or that shoe. In this case, do not impose on the child what he does not want.

      But if the shoes were recommended by a doctor, then it is necessary to explain to the baby what benefit they will bring to him.

      Or, for example, the shoes are very beautiful, but uncomfortable, then there is no good reason to take them just because of this criterion.

      And it’s also important to consider that children grow fast enough, so shoes are usually bought for one season.

      Often, parents think that if the ankle is fixed, it will only benefit the child. In particular, this applies to winter boots.

      Here are just doctors against this. In this case, not quite true stereotypes are formed in the hip as well as the knee joints. The kid himself must feel that he is uncomfortable.

      But there are times when a child wears shoes imposed on him, suffering all sorts of discomfort. How to determine later whether new shoes are comfortable?  There are three main characteristics:

      Children orthopedic shoes

      1. If there are traces of laces on the skin of the child’s feet, in this case, such shoes should not be worn.
      2. If a footprint appears on the insole when the size of the shoes is suitable. But if fingerprints are traded on the very edge, this suggests that the shoes are small.
      3. Also, the child often stumbles when walking, drags his legs, or his shoes fly off. Naturally, such shoes are not considered suitable for him.

      What do Children orthopedic shoes in Egypt look like?

        The appearance of the Children orthopedic shoes in Egypt is also important. What should be the sole of children's shoes? It is known that it is better to choose a harsh children's sole, even rubber.

        The heel is naturally small. Flat shoes are not recommended. Size can sometimes be a lot of trouble. However, shoes should be 1-1.5 cm longer than the child’s feet.

        How can I determine where the end of the foot is? In this case, the baby needs to stand up and move his fingers.

        Then they can be felt through the surface of the shoe. This is the most suitable way to find out where the toes end and if there is free space until the very toe of the boot.

        As for the laces, it is not so easy to tie them, besides; they are untied, for example, while running.

        But still, the baby must learn to handle them without the help of parents. Often, laces remain the most preferred way of fixing the shoe on the foot. Also, there are still zippers.

        You can also choose them. But if the zipper is on the heel, then it is best to refuse such shoes. If the clasp is located in the front, then usually it is fastened with Velcro. So more reliable.

        What material should Children orthopedic shoes in Egypt be made of?

          Genuine or artificial leather? From time immemorial there is a statement that genuine leather is better. Besides, she, like felt, suede and textile when worn as if adjusts to the foot.

          In short, genuine leather shoes are the most comfortable to wear. But there are suggestions that artificial materials are much more comfortable.

          At the moment, GoreTex molecular membranes are produced, allowing the shoes to breathe, and they also do not allow moisture to pass through.

          You always need to choose different options, and shoes from both natural and artificial materials.

          They are also stiffer and less rigid, and the height of the backdrop, as well as the shape of the entire block, must also be essentially different. Then the foot will develop correctly.

          Also, recently children have become larger, therefore, they need larger shoes. Moreover, many modern students are already wearing adult shoes.

          At Jlood stores, you can find varieties of Children orthopedic shoes that are made with the best quality.

          Children orthopedic shoes

          A few more tips for choosing Children orthopedic shoes in Egypt

          • Do not buy child shoes for growth. But so many mothers like to do so. After all, it is not known how much the child will have to wear orthopedic shoes. After all, there is a likelihood that the baby will outgrow these shoes or just wear them out, and besides, they are still tormented by the fact that they are too big for him. That is why it is best to wait for the new collection to arrive and buy beautiful new shoes because models change over time.
          • It is not recommended to give the child shoes worn by his brothers or sisters. As a rule, over time, any shoes or sandals take the shape of the feet of a certain child, and when they move to the new owner, his leg will adapt to the shape that does not suit him at all.
          • It is also not necessary to buy shoes for a baby who is still crawling