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Fashion jewelry in Egypt

Fashion jewelry in Egypt

Rami Abadir |

Fashion jewelry in Egypt

Every girl and woman strives to always look beautiful. You can make any bow more interesting and individual by adding it with a correctly Fashion jewelry in Egypt.

Inexpensive, but aesthetic jewelry allows you to experiment with images, looking different every time.

The fashion for accessories changes over time, so to be in trend, it is worth watching what is now relevant.

This article will help you understand the latest trends in the world of accessories and understand what is right for you.

Features of Fashion jewelry in Egypt

    Stylish jewelry did not appear in recent years. The history of jewelry goes back to past centuries.

    But the real popularity of jewelry brought the most famous lady-designer of the last century Coco Chanel.

    She stated that only girls with bad taste choose jewelry. Those who know how to dress well look elegant and elegant in jewelry.

    Over the past century, accessories have been constantly changing. Every decade inspires designers to create unusual vintage and retro accessories, so to understand modern fashion, you need to know where it came from.

    Fashion jewelry in Egypt

    Trends of Fashion jewelry in Egypt

      Today, quality jewelry is also in fashion. The trends of the next few seasons, we now analyze.

      One of the main trends today are metal jewelry with strict geometric shapes. Jewelry with a beautiful metallic sheen goes well with plain bows in classic monochrome tones that will be relevant this season.

      Along with artificial pearls, accessories decorated with semiprecious stones, such as rock crystal, jasper or turquoise, are also popular.

      Large jewelry with massive stones looks really attractive, especially on women with curvaceous shapes.

      To make the fall-winter season less boring in terms of fashion, designers offer not only bright colors, but also unusual decorations stylized as bright feathers of exotic birds.

      Another trend of this season is a combination of different style details. So, for example, a massive ring will go well with a thin exquisite bracelet or weightless pendant.

      But the style should be determined more specifically. The whole image should be designed in one gamut.

      The combination of Victorian rings with minimalist thin chains does not look appropriate, so choose accessories for each other, and not just put on everything that you have in your jewelry box.

      This is how the main fashion trends of this year look. Now let's look in more detail with the individual accessories.

      • Necklace

      Among necklaces, spectacular necklaces and necklaces occupy a leading position. They should be quite voluminous. Such accessories can be selected for different types of appearance.

      Ladies with curvaceous shapes fit necklaces consisting of flat elements. But for girls with small breasts, you can diversify your bow with a necklace consisting of voluminous and large parts.

      • Rings

      Another equally popular Fashion jewelry in Egypt is exquisite rings. Previously, the combination of several rings in one image was unacceptable, but now fashionistas fell in love with the trend of phalanx rings.

      They are happy to buy whole sets of rings that are worn on different phalanges and combined with each other.

      Of simple ringlets, monotonous smooth rims and rings supplemented by massive pebbles are equally popular.

      Fashion jewelry

      • Brooches

      In addition to all other Fashion jewelry in Egypt options, brooches are now in trend. They have been safely forgotten for several years, but now they are returning to fashion again.

      Representatives of many fashion houses drew attention to brooches of different sizes. Brooches, like badges, are now worn not only one at a time, but also combining with each other. They can decorate shirts, dresses, blouses and coats.

      Properly selected brooch allows you to make the image more vivid and interesting.

      Large brooches decorated with bright stones are in trend. Brooches of any unusual shapes will also help to stand out from the crowd. Similar exquisite products can be found in collections from Armani and Chanel.

      • Earrings

      Neat earrings will also successfully complement the female image. In addition to universal cloves and other earrings that have not gone out of fashion for many decades, cuffs will now be popular.

      Such an accessory is suitable even for those who have not pierced their ears yet. Cuffs can be worn on the earlobe or any other part of it.

      Another bright trend of this season is the use of earrings of different lengths in one bow. Such disproportionate earrings not everyone will decide to wear. But they look original.

      • How and what to wear

      Fashion jewelry in Egypt is a great addition to any look. Whatever style you choose, correctly selected jewelry will make it only better and more interesting.

      Bright and massive accessories, for example, fit perfectly into the boho style. It can combine many massive accessories at once, complementing voluminous necklaces with massive earrings, brooches and bracelets.

      The combination of colorful fabrics and bright accessories looks in this style quite appropriate.

      In a classic bow, such combinations will already be clearly superfluous. If you prefer an official style, then massive jewelry should be worn over monochromatic monochrome bows.

      A simple restrained outfit, complemented by a bright accessory, looks many times more interesting.

      When choosing bright accessories, remember that they will occupy a central place in the whole bow. Therefore, the rest of the composition should be built around it, or at least fully combined with it.

      As for age, bright accessories suit young girls. A combination of completely unlike each other jewelry is allowed. With age, you need to be more selective in choosing your jewelry.

      This does not mean that mature ladies should not buy jewelry at all. Selected with taste, it looks no worse than expensive accessories. You just need to be limited to laconic flowers in simple forms.

      There is an unwritten rule stating that the older the woman, the longer the necklace she should choose. Therefore, if you are over thirty, then leave chokers for younger girls and buy yourself neat pearl beads or a pendant on a thin metal chain.

      Fashion jewelry

      • High-fashion

      Fashion jewelry in Egypt is not always simple home-made jewelry. Accessories are used in their collections by famous fashion designers.

      This tone, as already mentioned, was set by Mademoiselle Chanel, making fashionable images more accessible to ordinary people.

      Among well-known manufacturers there are such high-quality brands as Jlood.

      High fashion meters such as Jlood use spectacular jewelry in almost all of their displays.

      So, if you are not indifferent to high fashion, you can feel free to be inspired by their images, complementing your outfits with such jewelry.

      Fashion jewelry in Egypt is a great alternative to expensive accessories made of precious metals and natural stones.

      Well-chosen jewelry can diversify any image. The same outfit with different accessories will allow you to create several images at once, which you can choose for any situation.