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How to choose Gym bags in Egypt

How to choose Gym bags in Egypt

Rami Abadir |

How to choose Gym bags in Egypt

Modern Gym bags in Egypt are very different from those that were ten to twenty years ago.

Today, this attribute does not stand out from the image, but complements it, regardless of what style of clothing a person prefers.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of products, where for everyone there is something suitable that meets not only functional requirements but also fashion trends.

Classification of Gym bags in Egypt

    Gym bags in Egypt can be classified by size, gender (male or female), weight, and workmanship. First of all, when choosing a sports bag, pay attention to its size, i.e. capacity.

    The bag must be able to accommodate everything you need for classes. Also, in many models, compartments are provided to separate dirty and clean things.

    Gym bags in Egypt

    Production material of Gym bags in Egypt

      They can be made of any materials. Its main function is to carry things, therefore, the material for the manufacture must be durable.

      In addition to appearance, most of the products for carrying equipment have a lining, which should also be noted.

      • Gabardine

      This is a natural fabric made from merino wool. Sometimes cotton or synthetic threads are added to it for strength.

      The advantages of such a fabric are durability, ease of care, moisture resistance and shape stability.

      Light accessories are made from it, designed to carry a small number of things. A sports bag made of gabardine is attractive and pleasant to the touch.

      • Tapestry

      Tapestry Gym bags are distinguished by their large weight and decorative texture created by weaving threads. The thickness of the fabric depends on the number of threads.

      For the manufacture of tapestry bags are used:

      • Merino wool.
      • Linen.
      • Silk.
      • Cotton.
      • Synthetics.

      The advantages of tapestry Gym bags are strength, wear resistance, excellent appearance and durability.

      Caring for such a bag is not difficult, most importantly, protect it from ultraviolet rays and moisture.

      • Suede leather

      Replaces similar types of genuine leather. Eco-friendly material with a short pile and made of cotton and silk. Suede bags look expensive and stylish.

      The material is characterized by:

      • Shape stability.
      • Durability.
      • Presentable appearance.
      • Low cost.

      Gym bags

      Sizes of Gym bags in Egypt

        To determine the size of the bag, you need to layout the necessary equipment on a horizontal surface, so it will be clear about the approximate amount of things and, accordingly, it will be clear what kind of Gym bag is needed.

        The form

        Not only the size of the Gym accessory is important, but also its shape. Designers offer a wide variety of models.

        When choosing, you need to pay attention not only to the form but also to the sport.

        The most convenient are transformer bags that can change size.

        Such accessories will make training more comfortable, especially if you are engaged in several sports that require a different number of things.

        How to choose a Gym bags in Egypt 

          1. Varieties.

          There are several types of Gym bags in Egypt: classic - rectangular or rounded in small, medium or large sizes.

          Usually, there are no compartments inside, which is not very convenient when unfolding things, since they all mix into one pile; for shoes.

          it is a separate bag in which shoes are pushed off so as not to stain things, or a compartment fenced from the rest of the compartment, usually located on the side of the bag; transforming bag.

          the model is easily transformed from a sports bag into a comfortable backpack that can be worn behind your back, freeing your hands. Great for city walks and long trips; sports bag with wheels.

          designed for frequently traveling athletes, for example, those who constantly travel to competitions and gatherings.

          Such people have to transport not only uniforms with shoes but also heavy equipment. For this purpose, wheels are provided at the bottom of the bag so that you do not have to carry everything on your shoulder or in your hand.

          In size, these models are usually larger than classic Gym bags, their capacity is up to 70 l; bike - worn on a belt, has a small size and an adjustable strap.

          It contains keys, phone, money, documents, a small bottle of water. It frees hands, so it is suitable for cyclists or those who go for a run. 

          Gym bag

          1. The size. 

          Proceed from the number of things that you have to wear in class. Large-sized models (up to 50-70 l) can accommodate not only a sports uniform, replaceable shoes, but also equipment (tennis rackets, balls, boxing gloves, etc.).

          The handles of large Gym bags are highly durable to withstand increased loads. Medium (up to 25-50 liters) will be the best option for most.

          With them, you can go to a sports club or fitness center. Small ones are only suitable for storing small things. 

          1. Material. 

          It must be durable, wear-resistant, waterproof and easy to clean. Synthetic materials correspond to all these requirements: polyester, nylon, tarpaulin, artificial leather.

          Such a Gym bag will last a long time and retain a presentable appearance even after a while. 

          1. Organization of the internal space. 

          The Gym bag should have small compartments that are closed with a zipper so that you can remove money, documents, phone or other small things.

          It is good if the manufacturer has provided a special compartment for fixing a thermos, bottle or glass, as well as a separate compartment for a towel and other shower accessories. 

          1. Colors. 

          The division into male and female models usually occurs precisely in color. To the male belong: black, blue, swamp, and to the female: pink, lilac, turquoise, purple.

          But this is all very arbitrary, as modern designers are trying to adhere to the unisex style, creating products that are suitable for both men and women.