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Executive bags in Egypt

Executive bags in Egypt

Rami Abadir |

Basic requirements for Executive bags in Egypt: how to choose the color, material and accessories for the bag

Practical men who strive to be in trend cannot do without such an essential accessories as Executive bags in Egypt.

Everyone needs a convenient, high-quality, and versatile model. Therefore, the question of how to choose a men's bag always remains relevant. This is what will be discussed in this article.

How to choose Executive bags in Egypt the rules

    Some men don't know why the fairer one needs a woman's bag.

    Not all the fair sexes know this - however, we are nowhere without a handbag.

    And one handbag can hardly be dispensed with here: you need a handbag both for work, for walking, for shopping, for a pleasant stay in an informal setting, and important events, such as a social event or a visit to the theater.

    A woman's bag is not just an attribute, but a too important attribute: after all, it can be used to judge the taste and character of a housewife, about what she loves and what she aspires to.

    It is difficult to imagine the representative of the fair sex, which would do without a bag: someone loves beautiful reticules decorated with rhinestones, someone - roomy bags with various compartments and pockets, and someone likes sports style to a greater extent.

    But, one way or another, and a woman's handbag should at any time meet the situation, and be combined with the suit and the uniform style of its owner.

    Executive bags in Egypt

    Key requirements for Executive bags in Egypt

      The main requirements for the bag: beauty, functionality, luxury, convenience, individuality - in general, there are many requirements.

      Because a woman's handbag should fit everything that we need so much, and at the same time, it should not resemble a string bag or a home bag.

      How, by the rules, to choose this attribute necessary for the representative of the fair sex, so that it always suits not only fashion but also every specific situation? This article will focus on a bag for a businesswoman.

      Women's Executive bags in Egypt

      A handbag for a businesswoman should be moderately tight and, first of all, resistant.

      For example, trapezoidal or right-angled bags are great for storing organizers and business documents in them, as well as a mobile phone, wallet, keys, etc.

      Also, they should contain purely feminine objects, even completely necessary - from a bottle of good perfume to a lace handkerchief.

      A soft handbag that does not have a bottom, and also a precise and rigid shape, is hardly suitable for a businesswoman.

      An envelope bag looks very elegant and robust - flat, which is a horizontal rectangle. The clasp lock is located under the flap valve, and the handle is only one long.

      Carry an envelope bag on your shoulder. Such a handbag must be made of expensive and high-quality leather, which makes it possible to compensate for the simplicity of its style and the absence of lining.

      Another office option is a bag. Such a model usually has folding parts on the side and patch pockets in the front.

      The bag also has a flap valve and two handles: one short, another long, and its size can be large or medium.

      A bag with one or two handles is also suitable for a businesswoman. The form is a vertical rectangle with a large flap valve and a lock located under it.

      Executive bag

      How to choose the color of Executive bags in Egypt

        What color is the bag worth picking today? Of course, the one that you prefer.

        It is believed that women's handbags of traditional black and brown colors look much better, as well as reddish, beige, eggplant, or dark cherry.

        It has long been known that a bag in color and style should be combined with gloves and shoes, but today the fashion is not very strict and inexorable, thanks to this you can wear what you like.

        But still, if the image of a business and a respectable lady is important to you, then you still need to keep the rules - after all, luxurious classics are always impeccable.

        Materials and accessories for Executive bags in Egypt

          Of course, with the unusual simplicity of styles, business bags should look great, thanks to this, the material from which they are made must be of high enough quality, and of course, you do not need to save on their cost.

          The ideal option is a beautifully crafted calfskin, quite thick and durable, but at the same time flexible and soft.

          A patent leather bag or a crocodile leather handbag also looks perfect. Suede handbag is not very practical; thanks to this, it is better to choose a bag made of good leatherette trimmed with suede.

          By the way, leatherette bags can be used if they are made quite beautifully and have a characteristic appearance, visually practically no different from real leather.

          It is better not to wear such bags during the winter, since leatherette does not tolerate temperature extremes, is afraid of frost, and a beautiful handbag is usually covered with cracks.

          But in the spring, in the summertime and the fall, stylish and stylish leatherette bags fit correctly for an elegant lady.

          What should be the accessories of bags? First of all, it is necessary to avoid excess brightness and importunity: different chains, rivets, most zippers, and sparkling fasteners.

          It's great if the fittings on the bronze-colored bag are blackened, etc.

          Models that are entirely unsuitable for a businesswoman are soft, which do not have a precise bag shape, with a weak fastener and an unstable bottom.

          For example, a handbag made of soft leather pulled together on top by a cord, resembles a bag rather than an essential accessory of a businesswoman.

          The wallet bag assembled and tucked into a curved metal frame with a fastener as sparkling balls is also not suitable for the office or business meetings in a different setting.

          You can not even mention backpacks and sports models - it is clear to everyone that this is not a business option.

          Executive bags

          Where to buy Executive bags in Egypt made of genuine leather

            The highest quality Jlood bags is the result of many sequential operations, the first of which is the selection of material.

            Only 10% of the skin that is produced all over the world meets our requirements, and not all of it is honored to become the basis for our products.

            Only the highest quality raw materials, carefully selected by our specialists, are worthy of turning into a Jlood bag.

            But first, the skin is cut, doubled, smoothed, glued, sanded, cleaned with sand, and subjected to repeated grinding and dyeing.


              In conclusion, it must be stated that the handbag of a businesswoman should be respectable and transparent, but at the same time attract the attention of those around her.

              The shape of the bag, as well as the length of its handles, must sneak up depending on the type of your figure.

              For example, an elegant and narrow bag suits a fragile and slender woman, and a broader and more voluminous model for the fairer sex, inclined to fullness.