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Kids shoes in Egypt

Kids shoes in Egypt

Rami Abadir |


While purchasing Kids shoes in Egypt, you should note the following: According to medicine, most cases that require the wearing of orthopedic shoes after the birth of a child are laid in the body during pregnancy.

This happens more often if the expectant mother abuses, not just bad habits (alcohol, smoking), but also hazardous ones - taking psychotropic substances and drugs.

Only a few changes in the structure of bones, most often the feet, occur after the birth of the baby.

We'll talk about them so that orthopedic shoes for children aren't for a long time and correct physical defects.

Very often, this leads to the wrong shoes chosen by the child's parents until they reach the age of one.

Kids shoes in Egypt

How to avoid the first contrary stop when buying Kids shoes in Egypt?

    For each baby, dads and mothers are anxious. But this often manifests itself in its feeding, games and outdoor recreation, treatment for childhood ailments. But this is not enough.

    The baby's fragile legs, when he first gets on them in a crib, require the close attention of adults.

    But not only young dads and mothers, but also grandparents who raised more than one child and knew a lot about what, when, and how to do it.

    Our tips on how to choose shoes for your child will also help. Choose the right shoes according to the age of the child.

    The Ministry of Health gives not very optimistic statistics: 3/4 of children need orthopedic shoes.

    We will not scare the parents of small children, explain the difference in orthopedic shoes for the first year or two of the life of a child and adults.

    Factors for choosing kid's orthopedic shoes up to a year

      The latter of Kids shoes in Egypt should be heavy, stiff and bulky because it must fix the legs firmly. If we are talking about children, then you need to learn how to pick up the first pair of shoes.

      Orthopedic shoes are made according to original plaster casts of the feet in a particular factory in the areas of orthopedic surgeons.

      In those cases, when they determined the need to correct flat feet or other disorders in the musculoskeletal system of the body.

      Therefore, they should not establish a diagnosis and go to pharmacies that sell orthopedic shoes.

      Orthopedics brands are also exhibited there. But they will not suit you, because they do not answer your question: what shoes should the child choose?

      • When choosing the first shoes, pay attention not to the orthopedic marking, but the following items.
      • Flexibility. This applies to the sole, as well as to the sidewalls and top of the shoes.
      • Shoes should allow movement without the restriction of the feet. Otherwise, the individual muscles of the foot will gradually atrophy.
      • Heel. It should be minimal - 3-8 mm. It is he who develops the muscles of the foot and does not allow the child to tip over on his back.
      • Solid backdrop. IT correctly fixes the children's heel. After some time, the soft context begins to fall off the leg.

      Kids shoes

      To the attention of parents: before buying Kids shoes in Egypt, check the back for stiffness. It should only be moderately soft.

      Therefore, you need to look not only at the table of shoes for children by age, but also worry about the comfort of the baby.

      What materials should Kids shoes in Egypt be made of?

        Of soft, natural, ventilated. The materials of the upper and the "inside" of the shoe should be natural so that the foot does not sweat, and there is no irritation of the delicate skin of the child.

        What should be the sole?

        It must be:

        1. Flexible so as not to disrupt the work of the muscles of the foot and lower leg. Moreover, the sole should not bend anyhow where, but in the place of the joints, where the metatarsus passes into the fingers.
        2. Non-slip to reduce the risk of falls.
        3. With a roll in the front, that is, her toe should be slightly raised above the ground. This is necessary for the child to form the correct gait.

        How to determine the size when buying Kids shoes in Egypt?

          Properly selected Kids shoes size in children will allow you to purchase a new thing successfully. It is better to go to the store with a child. Or carefully measure the baby's foot at home.

          Follow these rules:

          • The child is standing at the same time; the size will be more accurate due to the load on the leg.
          • Measure in the evening. During the day, the legs swell and increase in volume.
          • Put on socks, more precisely measure.
          • If one leg is longer, then choose shoes on them.

          To the attention of parents: when walking, the feet change. Inside the boot should slightly exceed the measurement of the foot.

          Instruction: to determine the size of Kids shoes in Egypt

          Place the baby with both legs on thick cardboard, circle both feet with a pencil, firmly pressing it to the leg. Cut the resulting insoles. In the store, do not attach them to the sole on the outside, but insert inward.

          Or with a ruler, determine the length of the foot from the thumb to the heel. Add half a centimeter - a centimeter to the reserve. Get a kind of table of shoes for children. Compare with the same on the site and write down your size.

          Kids shoe

          How to choose the first winter shoes for kids?

            After learning how to choose the right size for Kids shoes in Egypt, bay attention to the following.

            Necessary for legs and heat, it is better to choose with sheepskin fur inside and outside - leather, felt, or moisture-proof cloth.

            To the attention of parents: unlike summer shoes, increase the stock of lengths of 0.5 cm to a half centimeters, enough for a warm sock.

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