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Types of Sports bags in Egypt

Types of Sports bags in Egypt

Rami Abadir |

Sports bags in Egypt; Types and application

To fully engage in sports, you need sports equipment - replaceable clothes, a towel, deodorant, shoes and much more.

Sports bags in Egypt are designed specifically for athletes to carry their things with maximum comfort.

Now there is a huge variety of accessories, multi functional and even specialized for each sport. It’s quite difficult to decide which option suits your name.

Agree that everyone needs a sports bag in Egypt. Even if you are far from sports and prefer a cozy sofa to a fitness room, there are still many events in life for its use.

It is convenient to carry a lot of things, transport bulky equipment or go on a trip. For the accessory to last a long time, accommodate the right amount of things, correctly select its type.

Sports bags in Egypt

Types of Sports bags in Egypt

    First, think about why you need to use the product and select the appropriate option.

    • Bicycle Bag

    This accessory is suitable for outdoor sports enthusiasts. If you jog every morning to the nearest park or ride a bike around the outskirts, then you do not need a voluminous product.

    It is useless because you just need to put the phone, keys and a bottle of water.

    Even a small sports backpack will be inconvenient to use for this purpose. When running, the contents will begin to shake and rattle inside, so get a bike bag.

    The bike is attached to the belt with a belt. It is a small place to store a smartphone, keys, and banknotes, which are divided into departments.

    The main advantage of such accessories is that your hands are always free, and important things do not have to be held in your hand or hanging pockets.

    Standard Sports bags in Egypt

      This is the most common type of accessories for carrying things - a sports bag over his shoulder.

      There are many female and male models that differ in size, shape, number of compartments, material, and type of pens.

      Immediately determine what size of goods you need - for fitness classes, where only uniforms and shoes are needed, a small bag will do. But for hockey, tennis, and golf, there are separate types.

      Remember that shoes are best carried in a separate bag or a special compartment.

      Do not forget about special compartments and pockets for storing trifles, a purse, a phone.

      It is also better to purchase an accessory with a separate mesh pocket for a bottle of water so that it is stored in an upright position. Water will not spill or wet your form.

      Sports bags

      Interesting fact about Sports bags in Egypt

        The most interesting, attractive model of sports bags is the bag. This is an accessory for carrying golf clubs.

        Such bags accommodate different types of clubs, which are placed in separate compartments.

        For convenience, the bag is equipped with special racks so that the bag over the shoulders does not interfere with the athlete during a hit on the ball.

        Since golf takes place in the open, the races have special compartments for umbrellas and towels, as well as small pockets for accessories.

        This is a whole portable station on the shoulders that protects cells from damage as much as possible.

        Sports bag for shoes

          Based on hygiene rules, shoes are best worn in a separate bag so as not to stain uniforms and other accessories.

          Such Sports bags in Egypt are made of wear-resistant materials that are easy to clean and dry quickly.

          Material selection of Sports bags in Egypt

            Sports bags in Egypt are made of natural and synthetic material, as well as with the use of decorative fittings.

            To prevent the quick-wear of the product, it is sewn from the most durable and durable fabrics: genuine leather, membrane, denim, and nylon.

            • Genuine Leather

            A leather sports bag will last a long time and will not lose its original appearance. It is important to check whether it is genuine leather or fake.

            To determine the naturalness of the skin, bend the material tightly for a couple of seconds.

            After 30 seconds, check if there are creases in this place. If the fabric is clean - this is genuine leather.

            The skin is quickly cleaned of any impurities, does not require additional care. The fabric does not stretch or deform, even if heavy dumbbells are worn in it.

            • Membrane fabric

            Due to the special impregnation, the membrane does not get wet even during heavy rainfall. The main thing is not to forget to close the bag with a zipper.

            Membrane fabric has a porous structure that does not allow moisture and wind to pass through from the outside but removes water vapor from the inside.

            The membrane cannot be washed with ordinary detergents, as they clog the pores of the fabric, from which it loses moisture repellent properties.

            When purchasing a sports bag made of a membrane, do not forget to buy a specialized fabric cleaner.

            Sports bag

            • Denim

            Denim material is always popular since denim is not inferior in strength to the above fabrics. However, the jeans quickly get dirty and difficult to clean.

            If even a small spot appears, you will have to wash the entire bag

            • Nylon

            Outwardly, this fabric resembles silk, but nylon is much stronger and more durable.

            Nylon has a low coefficient of friction, so it does not wear out or thin out. Nylon products do not need special care.

            The fabric is not afraid of natural and chemical solvents, so you can clean stains with any stain remover or soap.

            The price of nylon bags is lower than leather or membrane products since the production of this material does not require large expenses.

            So, to summarize the above tips

            Choose the right Sports bags in Egypt:

            1. Choose a product based on your plans: going to the pool, training camps, jogging or participating in a hockey team.
            2. Determine how many things, cosmetic attributes, food, and shoes you will wear. Do not buy a bag that is too bulky, as it is wrinkled and looks out of place.
            3. Choose rectangular or oval shapes.
            4. Buy an accessory made of waterproof and durable fabric - nylon (low price), membrane and leather (high price).
            5. Pay attention to the lining - it must be made of waterproof fabric.
            6. Handles must be secured with iron rings.
            7. All seams are stitched as accurately as possible, preferably twice.
            8. Mandatory availability of separate compartments for the phone and small things, a bottle of water, shoes, food. Also, clean and dirty things are better to pack separately.

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