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Sunglasses for men in Egypt

Sunglasses for men in Egypt

Rami Abadir |

Sunglasses for men in Egypt

Sunglasses for men in Egypt have long been an accessory that not only protects the eyes from direct sunlight in summer and winter but also helps in creating a fashionable look.

Previously, mainly women used them for a similar purpose, choosing the color of the frame for the shade of hair to emphasize the hairstyle.

But times are passing, and a modern man can’t do without properly selected sunglasses if he wants to look reliable and stylish.

However, even when choosing such a useful and straightforward thing, which is full of stores, you must follow specific rules.

Sunglasses for men in Egypt and face shape

    Sunglasses for men in Egypt can emphasize or correct facial features. This should be remembered when buying them because, in this case, the proportions are all.

    For example, if there are small facial features, large glasses are not needed. The top level of the glasses should not exceed the eyebrows, and on the sides, they are not required to go beyond the oval of the face.

    It should be remembered that the cheekbones were not created to wear the lower part.

    For this, the upper boundaries of the wings of the nose are best suited, especially since it will turn out to adjust its length.

    Sunglasses for men in Egypt

    But when choosing glasses, the leading role is played by the shape of the face. Its most common types are:

    1. Rectangular and square. Men with a strong-willed chin, who have wide cheekbones, it is best to buy oval or rounded glasses, for example, aviators. Rectangular frames should be avoided only if they do not have rounded edges.
    2. Round. Here the opposite is exact: square or rectangular glasses with a pointed upper edge are perfect. An oval or round shape will be redundant.
    3. Elongated. In this case, the thin face needs to add width and achieve the shape of an oval. To solve this problem, over-sized glasses are suitable.
    4. Diamond-shaped. Large bright glasses, preferably in a colored frame, will help redirect the attention of others from wide cheekbones and a narrow chin to the upper part of the face: shape - rectangular or standard trapezoidal.
    5. Oval. The owners of such a person are truly lucky because any form will do, and you only have to take care of the size of the points. Large and massive frames should be avoided.

    Shapes of Sunglasses for men in Egypt

      During each season, designers create new types and forms of glasses. However, some have become unfading classics.

      1. Round glasses. The people are called owls, moles, etc. Round glasses are suitable for men who have an oval or rectangular face shape. In addition to giving roundness, they can smooth sharp corners.
      2. Square glasses. Usually, they mean Wayfarer, which, appearing in the 50s, made a real revolution in the world of sunscreens. This model is suitable for almost any shape of the face except for the square. Here she only emphasizes the sharp features of its owner.
      3. Narrow glasses. This accessory has a streamlined rim shape and is usually used when playing sports or outdoor activities. In everyday life, they can be met rarely. The frame of such glasses is made of flexible and durable materials, as a result of which they fit the face and are suitable for any of its forms.
      4. Teardrop-shaped glasses or droplets. Legendary aviators that appeared in the 30s of the last century. Designed originally for American pilots, they came into widespread use and became almost the most popular model in the world. Best of all, they are suitable for holders of a square face shape.

      Sunglasses for men

      Brands of Sunglasses for men in Egypt

        With a myriad of choices in stores, it doesn't seem very easy to make the right choice.

        Initially, it would help if you realized the purpose of this accessory. The desire to get protection from solar radiation looks rather dull and monotonous.

        In such cases, people usually do not pay attention to the style of glasses and matching the shape of the face.

        Therefore, the realization comes that a combination of excellent quality and a recognizable look is necessary.

        Jlood Men sunglasses can provide this, which immediately underlines the rating of its owner in society and are a guarantee of excellent quality.


        How to store Sunglasses for men in Egypt

          A special microfiber cloth is an indispensable tool for lens care. Usually, it comes with glasses.

          It is better to wipe with just such a fabric, and not with a T-shirt, for example. If the glasses have large particles of dust that can scratch the lenses, it is best to rinse the glasses with water using liquid soap and then dry them gently with a soft cloth.

          For storage, it is better to use a hard case; in extreme cases, you can do with a soft one (leather, for example), but you should not just throw glasses in a bag or carry in your pants pocket.

          It is also not recommended to wear glasses on the head, the loops will loosen over time, and the arms will lose elasticity.

          men Sunglasses


            To summarize all of the above, we can offer some tips that will help men choose the right sunglasses.

            Firstly, do not forget about the shape and proportions of the face. Glasses can emphasize or adjust the appearance, so keep an eye on this combination. Secondly, pay attention to the material and color.

            Sunglasses for men in Egypt should be combined in color with other accessories, because their difference may indicate a bad taste or its complete absence.

            Thirdly, you can’t save on a purchase. On the Internet, you can buy fakes of the latest innovations from well-known companies at a ridiculous price.

            Still, the point here is not even the brand, but just the protective function of the glasses. Using cheap lens materials can provide inadequate protection for the eyes from direct sunlight.

            In modern everyday life, sunglasses have become as much a necessary accessory as a watch or an umbrella.

            It is in our power to take advantage of this and make informed, competent choices by buying not only a functional, useful thing but also an item that is not devoid of style, like everything else that you possess.

            Choose, try on, and do not make impulsive rash purchases.