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How to choose Women Accessories in Egypt?

How to choose Women Accessories in Egypt?

How to choose Women Accessories in Egypt?

Speaking about Women Accessories in Egypt, we pay a lot of attention to jewelry, but here everyone has their addictions, earrings, rings, necklaces, and there are things that each of us possesses.

From these details, our unique image is formed and the impression is made. What are these things and what should they ideally be?

5 main Women Accessories in Egypt

  1. Wallet

It is this thing that is involved in daily "deals." You make purchases in different stores, pay at a cafe and theater, get important documents.

It cannot be denied that everything connected with commodity-money relations is of great importance in society.

They evaluate you, decide how to treat you and what you are capable of when looking not only at your appearance but also at this small but important little thing.

The image of the chicest lady can be destroyed in a second. Get her an old, worn, nondescript wallet.

Also, the savings that make your lifestyle and appearance possible require respect and should be contained in a decent accessory.

A wallet is an indicator of your status and taste. Let it be of high quality, stylish and, of course, comfortable.

Women Accessories in Egypt

  1. Bag

 A bag is your personality, the embodiment of character and lifestyle. As you see your life, you will have such a bag.

For example, if you are a working mother with a baby in her arms, then most likely your everyday bag will be large and spacious, etc.

You do not have to portray something and set a goal to buy the famous Hermes, Chanel ...

An inexpensive, high-quality bag made of high-quality materials, combined with your style is what you need.

Can't afford the skin? Let your bag be with some zest, fashionable, creative, even from artificial material.

For elegant outfits, choose an accessory made of natural fabric, for example, a tweed bag on a chain of a little-known brand is no worse than Chanel.

  1. Handbag pocket mirror

 I would say that this is one of those little things that make a woman a woman. This is exclusively our ladies' accessory.

It does not have to be expensive but looks for a very interesting, individual, something that no one will have.

Ornate ornament for metal, mosaic, stones, a fragment of painting, original design in the modern style of plastic, vintage, etc.

Do not take the lurid little mirrors. In case you like a simple classical form and a minimum of details, choose a product from quality material.

If you use a mirror in a powder box or a palette of shadows, let it be a luxury brand.

Women Accessories

4- Cosmetic bag in a purse

     Of course, you may have a little makeup or you use a small pocket in a bag where you put the cosmetics you need throughout the day.

    But you will agree that a woman who stores beauty products in a cosmetic bag looks much more elegant.

    This is very practical since finding a makeup bag in a bag is much easier than turning over the contents in search of a pencil, and then repeat this action to find the lipstick.

    The owner of the cosmetic bag seems more neat, organized and very feminine because such cute little things help to create a secret. Find yourself a little pretty makeup bag.

    A huge bag of cosmetics will not decorate you unless you are a professional makeup artist. Ideal if the design of your cosmetic bag will be in harmony with the bag. This is not necessarily a single material or color.

    You may well get it out of the black bag a red makeup bag, but don't allow strange combinations overloaded with details. If you have an active print bag, let the cosmetic bag be plain and vice versa

    Why do we need Women Accessories in Egypt?

    • Thanks to certain details, you can easily create or transform an image in a certain style. For example, a belt with pyramids will bring you closer with glam rock, and a small hat with a veil will add an atmosphere of feminine retro.
    • Women Accessories in Egypt can act as a distracting maneuver, drawing all attention to you and distract from problem areas. For example, a rather massive necklace will distract from the lush hips and beautifully emphasize the bust.
    • In times of eternal rush and lack of that very time, with the help of accessories you can quickly and freshly change your work, business, office or any other strict outfit for a date or going to a cafe with girlfriends. For this, for example, it is enough to unfasten a couple of buttons on the shirt, tie a bright scarf around the neck and put on stylish sunglasses.
    • Bright details, such as a bag, hat or scarf, can instantly take to a different level a casual fresh set consisting of blue jeans and a T-shirt, shirt or sweater. Just changing them, while remaining in the same clothes, you can look different every day, in a new and stylish way.

    Women Accessories

    How to combine and wear Women Accessories in Egypt

    It used to be that the shade of a bag and shoes should be the same. Today's fashion is much more democratic, various options are allowed. But the rules still exist:

    • For shoes with expressive animalistic print, choose a plain bag in one of those colors that are present in the image.
    • If the products are made in basic colors, then they should vary in texture (varnished ankle boots, clutch made of smooth leather).
    • Bright urban backpack or hobo bag are combined with black boots; a model in beige and brown looks successful with brown boots.
    • Adhere to a single style, combining details - this rule works both with leather goods, and jewelry, watches, and other elements.
    • Color temperature is important - it is not advisable to add warmth to the combination of cold shades and vice versa.

    Be especially careful when choosing sunglasses. They should look like one with you and the way, and not be pushed to the fore.

    If you want to buy glasses in a dark palette, then make sure that something is sure to pair them, be it your hair color, belt, T-shirt, bag or shoes.

    It is not recommended to wear black glasses to the owners of a rather broad face, because they will only emphasize this, such girls are ideally suited for light and powdery shades or metal frames.

    Including expressive accessories in a stylish outfit, remember that there should not be more than two bright accents in the image.

    And do not forget about the proper storage of branded items in quality bags. Protecting your favorite gloves and bag from dust and the sun, you will significantly extend their service life.

    Visit Jlood Women Accessories in Egypt and you'll definitely find what you need.


      Well, in the end, I would like to give you one small piece of advice that will help to speed up and facilitate the choice of Women Accessories in Egypt when drawing up the image - make sure that they are all insight.

      For example, the rings and watches in the corresponding boxes and caskets were not thrown into a drawer by a bunch, the belts hung on a hanger or hooks, the scarves were neatly folded and stacked on top of each other.

      This approach will not only keep order in your closet, on the dressing table or in the dressing room but will also help you immediately evaluate all the goodness available and quickly choose the necessary accessory

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