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What Women heels in Egypt to choose?

What Women heels in Egypt to choose?

Rami Abadir |

How to choose a comfortable Women heels in Egypt?

Comfortable shoes are the key to a good mood, but it is not always appropriate to wear sneakers or loafers, sometimes the situation requires a more strict appearance.

In this case, choose high Women heels in Egypt, however, and this still needs to be able not to sacrifice comfort for the sake of beauty and a dress code. You just need to learn just a few tricks.

The principles of comfortable wearing Women heels in Egypt

    When choosing a Women heel in Egypt, the buyer can base his choice on the priority aspects of the acquisition personally for him.

    But at the same time, there are principles of selection that help to determine faster and better. And usually, this does not go against the original tasks. It is about:

    1. Comfortable size.
    2. Sustainable outsole.
    3. Firmly fixed heel.
    4. Distances between the heel and the base of the toe.
    5. The height and shape of the heel itself.
    6. Product material.
    7. Convenience to a specific foot.

    If a young lady knows how to choose a comfortable heel, and adhere to these principles, she will never fail.

    Women heels in Egypt

    It is believed that this is especially important when selecting expensive goods because this kind of mistake will be most unpleasant.

    Also, these rules suggest the prevention of the appearance of corns, corns, and damage.

    They just appear when the load in the shoe is not distributed correctly, and also - if the size does not fit: length, width. Such consequences cause too much inconvenience to ignore.

    What Women heels in Egypt to choose?

      Each foot has an arch, and its parameters must correspond to the height of the heel, it must be selected.

      To understand what height will be the rise, which does not create unnecessary problems for the mistress, you need to measure the height at which it is convenient for her to stand when standing on her toes.

      Moreover, it is not easy to stand on them, and then walk around and indicate whether it is convenient.

      Such features can be dictated by the flexibility of the ligament located between the heel and ankle.

      If its upper point is quite high, then the lady has nothing to worry about, and the leg will be able to wear high-heeled shoes without concern for health (under moderate loads and observing sock standards).

      But, if this part is rather flat, then the best option for it is flat shoes.

      There is also a separate comment about flat feet. Young women with such a diagnosis should be especially careful and know how to choose the right Women heels in Egypt so as not to aggravate their well-being, otherwise pain when walking and a long recovery with stretching will appear.

      Women heels

      Specific parameters of the height and its features in operation

        Two to four centimeters in height is a standard parameter worn even by men.

        It is intended to lift the arch in Women heels in Egypt, increase growth and make the legs longer, it is believed that such a low heel is always made stable, but there is the so-called “Kitten Hill”, which is a shortened hairpin.

        It looks elegant and feminine, especially if combined with jewelry on the ankle.

        Further, there are more centimeters, and everyone who studies the matter thoroughly needs to know about them:

        1. The average sizes start from 5 centimeters to 7. This variety is already more flirty and playful, but it allows you to maintain a chaste image. The shape is usually applied square, cylinder or conical.
        2. Above-average - 7-9 cm. You need to get used to this type, it is quite high, and not suitable for every leg because this means a certain degree of load not only on the lower extremities but also on the whole organism. With an incorrect distribution of severity, the spine suffers - the support of the whole body. Most ladies are advised to wear them interval rather than on a regular basis.
        3. 10 cm, or plus one cm. which is among Women heels in Egypt, This is a height inconvenient for everyday use, as it raises the woman’s leg too much. Although exclusively from the outside, it looks spectacular. Only with improper wear does it negatively affect health.
        4. 12 and above - are usually used in exceptional cases, but this almost does not apply to everyday life. They can be an addition to the image for a theme evening or for a stage image, for example.

        Each lady for herself chooses a bow for a particular type of pastime. At the same time, there are different heels, types of lifting, it is worth considering.

        Women heel

        Women Heel shape in Egypt: what are, what to choose for an event

          Here we can talk more about the types of elevations in women's shoes, because not only are standard heels worn, there are also:

          1. Platform. It involves elevation not by increasing the angle of elevation, but by adding platform centimeters from below.
          2. Wedge heel. Combines the previous version and the heel, but the heel is much higher
          3. Custom creative heel. It can be in the form of a trapezoid or in any shape, material in general, it is often one of the most inconvenient ways to increase growth. But it adds shocking.

          There are no special rules for wearing; only it is worth noting that the style of the shoe itself may be different.

          Therefore, it is wrong to focus only on a visual increase in growth, having lost the overall stylistic picture.

          The Best Distance between base and heel

            Here the principle is simple: the smaller the distance between them, the more likely it is that the shoes are unstable.

            If you are interested in this topic, then here, if you wish, you can find out more and choose Women heels in Egypt for yourself in Jlood.

            If you look specifically at the classic heel, it is recommended that the distance between the base of the sole and the heel is equal to three centimeters.

            If it is only 2.5 or 2, then the result can be a serious violation in the body, because it is an extra load on the spinal column, and changes in its lead to a shift in other areas.