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How to choose Women shoes in Egypt?

How to choose Women shoes in Egypt?

Rami Abadir |

Requirements for women's shoes; How to choose Women shoes in Egypt?

Women shoes in Egypt are not just an accessory that connects the body to the ground, making this process as comfortable as possible. Shoes carry a character and mood, affecting both the sense of self and the behavior of a woman.   

It is difficult for men to understand what function next shoes can perform, and what role the fifth stiletto heel boots this year will play.

And women are unlikely able to explain to the stronger sex that a new pair of sexy shoes are more than just footwear. This is plus one for inspiration, and two for self-confidence!

And you did not think about how exactly Women shoes in Egypt can characterize the mistress?

Paying attention to the style, color, model, and even the quality of what is worn on the legs of the girl, it is quite possible to get an idea of ​​the personal conditions of its owner.

Depending on what kind of shoes this or that girl prefers to wear, we can conclude about her lifestyle, habits, and character.

If you look at the condition of shoes or boots, it is easy to assume how much their hostess is used to watching both herself and her things.

What criteria should be considered when choosing Women shoes in Egypt?

    Shoes are an essential attribute of every person's wardrobe. Almost every season while choosing women shoes in Egypt, women face the problem of acquiring a new pair of shoes.

    Women shoes in Egypt

    Shoes are a reflection of our lives. After all, no one will argue with the assertion that his shoes can judge a person.

    Therefore, it is essential to buy shoes that not only protect against the weather but also become a kind of display of art and an element of style. 

    Women's shoes in Egypt should be made of soft leather, which allows the foot to breathe; they should not rub your fingers and have a stable heel. 

    When trying on shoes to make it comfortable for the feet, the following should be taken into account: 

    1. Fingers should not be squeezed, as this can lead to the formation of corns and cracks in the heels.
    2. Wedding shoes with heels should not be smaller. Better buy shoes larger than smaller ones. Tight shoes lead to the formation of painful corns, to the curvature of the fingers, to the violation of blood circulation and ingrown nails. 
    3. Shoes should not be excessively broad and loose. It will also cause corns and scuffs and can even cause bruises. 
    4. Footwear should be comfortable to put on and take off. It is very inconvenient to tie long shoelaces and fasten shoes with numerous fasteners. The shoes must have an adjustable method of fastening on foot. 

    Pay attention to the following while choosing women shoes in Egypt

      If you are not disappointed with trying on a pair of shoes you like, then you need to pay attention to visual inspection.

      Women shoes

      1. First of all, pay attention to the quality of the shoe, that is, the material from which it is made, to the seams and stitches.
      2. The skin should be even and soft, the seams and lines are straight, without gaps.
      3. No traces of glue, creases, and abrasions should be present on shoes.
      4. The zippers should slide freely.
      5. High-quality shoes are made of genuine leather; they are practical, durable, and quite expensive.

      A woman in stylish, beautiful leather shoes automatically becomes an order of magnitude higher in the eyes of others. Lacquered shoes look especially attractive, but they do not allow air and moisture to pass through well. 

      Materials of Women shoes in Egypt

        Shoe sole should be soft and comfortable to bend. Also, you must pay attention to the stability of the heel. First of all, women's shoes are associated with high heels.

        The height and shape of the heel are of great importance for a woman; Since high heels are not only fashionable but also attractive especially elegant looks high-heeled shoes.

        Half of the men consider this detail of the female wardrobe, the main symbol of femininity for a young girl.

        Right, doctors believe that high studs do not affect the posture and condition of the musculoskeletal system in the best way.

        Despite this, many women cannot refuse the opportunity to look chic every day in high-heeled shoes, albeit at the expense of well-being.

        Tall stiletto heels are suitable for a gourmet dinner, a festive event, or a romantic date.

        In everyday life, it's much smarter to wear flat shoes or shoes with medium stable heels and let the shoes be soft.

        Also, women look very ugly, who, wishing to look fashionable, wear high-heeled shoes, and feel completely uncomfortable.

        Some of them bend their legs for decompensating and become like ankle-birds.

        At the same time, others try to create excessive deflection in the lower back, which also does not look elegant.

        Moreover, recently women's shoes with flat soles have become much more beautiful and are considered a fashionable attribute of women's wardrobe. Options for stylish and comfortable women's shoes without heels are ballet flats, moccasins, espadrilles, and sandals.

        When choosing shoes with flat soles, keep in mind that the bottom should be appropriate for the show, season, and operating conditions. Jlood women shoes products are considered the best option in the Egyptian shoes market.

        Women shoe

        Colors of Women shoes in Jlood

          The color and model of shoes should match the data of your figure, age, and tone of clothing.

          With the help of skillfully selected shoes, you can visually improve the shape of the legs, and inappropriate shoes further emphasize the shortcomings of the legs and feet.

          The lighter the shoes, the larger the foot appears. Too bright shoes and open sandals are more suitable for young girls. If a woman has thin legs, then do not wear short boots and stilettos.

          Thus, they emphasize a slim leg. Shoes with weaves of skinny straps and high heels are not suitable for women with a full figure and full legs. 

          Women shoes in Egypt should be clean and well-groomed in any weather, and most importantly, they should be appropriate for the occasion. Going to the market in high-heeled shoes is just as indecent as in flat-shoes in a restaurant.