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Flat foot shoes in Egypt

Flat foot shoes in Egypt

Rami Abadir |

Flat foot shoes in Egypt. Types and differences, How to choose and wear?

Flat foot shoes in Egypt can be divided into therapeutic and prophylactic. The first, as a rule, are created to order, based on the individual parameters of the patient, especially for the treatment of severe pathologies of the feet and musculoskeletal system.

It can also be serial products adapted to a specific problem - for example, postoperative boots with the function of unloading the front or rear foot. Such shoes should be prescribed by a doctor.

Prophylactic Flat foot shoes in Egypt are serial products to prevent the development of foot diseases, as well as to alleviate their symptoms, create comfort and maintain healthy legs.

Such shoes will greatly facilitate life with hallux valgus deformities and the formation of bone "cones", heel spurs, flat feet and other deformities of the feet, joint pain, ligament diseases and in cases where a person has to spend a lot of time on his feet.

Flat foot shoes in Egypt

Why do you need Flat foot shoes in Egypt

    These products are purchased exclusively for medical reasons and only in special stores.

    In the absence of any pathology of the limbs, wearing medical shoes can be harmful, it will hurt gait and full-fledged movements.

    Wearing special shoes helps:

    • The correct location of the joints, especially when doing physical education and sports.
    • Depreciation when walking and running.
    • Better gait.
    • Increased leg flexibility and range of motion.
    • Protect the joints of the foot, lower leg, and thigh.
    • Reduces fatigue by supporting the arch of the foot.
    • Uniform distribution of the load on the spine, joints, and muscles.
    • Correct foot defects.

    Types of Flat foot shoes in Egypt

      Flat foot shoes in Egypt are classified according to certain criteria. The main criteria are the type of design and functionality.

      According to these characteristics, shoes are divided into:

      • Prophylactic.
      • Uncomplicated.
      • Complicated.

      Preventive and uncomplicated Flat foot shoes in Egypt

      Preventive footwear is used when there is a risk of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, and uncomplicated - at an early stage of detection of defects. Both that and another can be got in a specialized shop.

      Preventive and uncomplicated orthopedic shoes are also divided into types:

      • Preventive with arch support (sewn in or removable). It is prescribed for the prevention of flat feet and its treatment in the early stages. The arch support is selected taking into account features of the foot and the degree of deformation
      • Therapeutic and postoperative. It is necessary to facilitate and accelerate recovery after operations and injuries to the limbs. Its main function is to relieve stress in the foot.
      • Diabetic Designed for people with diabetes who are prone to diabetic foot syndrome. Shoes make walking more comfortable and prevent the manifestation of diabetic complications.

      Flat foot shoe

      Complex Flat foot shoes in Egypt

      It is sewn to order in an orthopedic salon according to a doctor’s prescription, where measurements are taken from the patient and a cast of the problem area is made. It is prescribed only in case of complex pathologies or irreversible deformities (for example, with amputation of an extremity).

      Distinctive features of sophisticated shoes are:

      • High back, securely fixing the ankle.
      • High stiff berets, thanks to which the foot does not fall over when walking.
      • Removable insoles.
      • Low heel.
      • High shoe opening for comfortable donning.

      In turn, complex shoes are divided into:

      • Antivir, which is designed to treat clubfoot.
      • Anti-hallus, recommended for the X-shaped arrangement of limbs to each other.
      • Stabilizing, necessary for the characteristic position of the foot in children with cerebral palsy.

      Seasonal Flat foot shoes in Egypt

      Winter and autumn shoes include boots and low boots, boots, and low shoes, a variety of ankle boots and shoes. The material of manufacture is leather with water-repellent properties. Shoes should not constrain the foot, especially with pain and swelling.

      As for the spring-summer season, this includes shoes, sandals, slippers, ballet shoes, and clogs.

      They are distinguished from winter shoes by the ease of construction, as well as their use for sewing breathable leather.

      Usually, it has a well-reinforced back, as well as a sock that allows you to hide finger defects. In summer shoes, an adjustable buckle strap is often used to adjust the arch of the foot.

      Flat foot shoe

      Selection tips

      Properly selected medical shoes are the key to health and convenience:

      • When purchasing Flat foot shoes in Egypt, it is important to remember that these products are always made from natural materials. They are strong, plastic; provide air access to the legs and evaporation of excess moisture. If the model is made of leatherette or rubber, it means that it has nothing to do with the medical one and can only do harm instead of benefit.
      • It is necessary to inspect the purchased shoes for sticking threads, open seams, hastily glued soles or an unpleasant odor. Quality products have no such phenomena.
      • Shoes should only be bought in specialized stores while checking for a quality certificate.
      • Trying is best done at the end of the day when the legs tend to swell and increase in size. No need to rush: it is better to walk around the store a bit and evaluate your feelings.
      • If there are bones on the toes, it is preferable to choose shoes or shoes one size larger. The thumb should not rest against the sock, otherwise, joint inflammation may occur.
      • Avoid narrow shoes - they can squeeze and rub your foot, causing pain and fatigue, and provoke corns.
      • Women should not purchase models with heels more than four centimeters high.
      • Consider Jlood Shoes products as they rank high among others.
      • In addition to shoes, it is also advisable to purchase insoles. They help to regulate excess space (for example, when buying shoes of a slightly larger size), correctly distribute body weight and load on the foot, provide comfort when moving.
      • When choosing children's shoes, you must take a child with you and try on. If this is not possible, you need to make a pattern (circle the child’s leg on paper) and take it with you to the store. Orthopedic shoes for children should not be bought "for growth", it should be exactly in size.

      How to wear Flat foot shoes in Egypt

        Usually, the attending physician gives recommendations on the wearing regimen. Flat foot shoes in Egypt should be worn all day, not only on the street but also at home.

        Preventive is most often advised to wear under heavy loads, for example, if you need to spend a long time on your feet.

        If the patient is involved in sports, he should wear orthopedic sneakers for training to reduce the load on the musculoskeletal system and, in particular, on his problem area.

        It must be remembered that it will not be possible to completely cure pathology with the help of orthopedic shoes. Therefore, wearing shoes is necessarily complemented by medical procedures - massage, gymnastics.