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How to choose Men watches in Egypt

How to choose Men watches in Egypt

Rami Abadir |

How to choose Men watches in Egypt

Choosing Men watches in Egypt is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Of course, I want the wristwatch to last a long time, and please not one year, therefore, if you have doubts about the choice, we recommend reading this article.

Following some simple tips, your watch purchase will turn into an exciting adventure.

Choose your style of Men watches in Egypt

    To get started, decide under what circumstances you will wear a wrist accessory.

    After all, a watch is not just a thing helping to be punctual, but also an element of style.

    On them, you can tell a lot about the owner, his habits, hobbies, and character. This is a reflection of personality, the same as a car or clothes.

    Of course, you should pay attention to the functions that are useful to you. For example, if you look at a sports model, it is better to choose a shockproof watch.

    If you are looking for an option for every day or as a part of the image, you should carefully think about whether you need a high level of water resistance.

    Another important selection criterion is the price of the product and the amount that you are willing to spend.

    We want to note that the Jlood online store presents only high-quality products of world brands whose reliability does not depend on their cost.

    It consists of the materials used, the presence of complications, such as a chronograph, a perpetual calendar, and others.

    Also, the price depends on the number of copies released as part of the collection.

    The name of the brand, its popularity, history, image, and, of course, reputation influence the price.

    Men watches in Egypt

    Casual Men watches in Egypt

      When choosing Men watches in Egypt for everyday wear, focus on the colors and shades that you usually use in clothes. And, of course, it is essential that the watch fully reflects your personality.

      It is worth paying attention to the readability and convenience of the dial, as well as its main elements: the date and day of the week window, the presence of a second hand.

      An important role is played by the material of the strap or bracelet. Leather is a comfortable and lightweight material, but not moisture resistant.

      Stainless steel bracelets, in turn, are heavy, although they easily carry water. If you choose a rubber or rubber, then it is worth considering their sporty appearance.

      You can also choose a bracelet made of titanium; it is lightweight, durable, and hypoallergenic.

      If you are going to wear a watch every day, you should try to choose a medium-sized case, without sharp corners and protruding buttons, so that nothing would cause discomfort.

      Watch "under a suit." 

        Men's classic models can be found among brands such as Maurice Lacroix, Frederique Constant, Tissot, and others.

        All of them are made in subdued colors without bright details and look very elegant. Such models are called "under the suit", as they are made in a strict style.

        The dial is usually presented in white, black, or blue and enclosed in a round, barrel-shaped, or rectangular case.

        So that the watch does not interfere and does not touch the cuffs of the sleeves, the height of the case is usually made minimal.

        Men watches

        • Sports watch

        Models of Men sports watches in Egypt are usually in a large case because on the dial; you need to fit so much useful data, for example, a timer or a chronograph.

        Also, when buying, it is essential to choose the right level of water protection. If you are engaged in water sports, it is better to take a watch from 200WR.

        For runners and cyclists, a digital watch should have a wide range of functions so that the athlete has the opportunity to record the maximum number of indicators during training.

        If we talk about straps and bracelets for sports watches, then they must be selected individually, starting from convenience. The most popular are rubber, rubber or plastic.

        Men Fashion watches in Egypt

          If you are looking for such an accessory that, first of all, will reveal your personality and become an integral part of a sharp image, then you should pay attention to the fashion segment of the watch market.

          Do not be afraid of experiments with shades and sizes; it is only relevant how you feel.

          Men Luxury watches in Egypt

            Take a look at the Men watches from Jlood. They are made of quality materials, have uniqueness and their character, which will allow them to become a real heirloom.

            A winning investment will be models with mechanical calibers or skeleton watches with a stunning exterior design.

            Swiss mechanisms have earned a high reputation due to more than a century of experience and the high reliability of products.

            The stamp "Swiss made" on the watch indicates that the entire process of production and assembly took place in Switzerland.

            There is also the inscription "Swiss movement," which means that the mechanism itself is made in Switzerland, and the remaining parts and assembly were made in another country.

            Men watch

            Entrust your watch to professionals

              Undoubtedly, you can fix some things in the watch yourself.

              For example, you can remove the links from the bracelet at home using a unique tool. Still, we would recommend contacting professionals to determine the size of the bracelet more accurately.

              We recommend entrusting all other types of work to professionals.

              Ideally, every man should have in his collection a watch for everyday use, a sports watch for country trips and a weekend watch for social events.

              As always, it all comes down to the money that you are willing to spend on hours.


                Before buying Men watches in Egypt, decide what you need it for, which manufacturers you trust, and what features you need.

                Compare price and quality. In many cases, the price is too high, because the product is branded, despite the weak characteristics.

                Do not take goods from unverified sellers. Try not to follow the fashion trend and buy a watch that suits you.

                Also, pay attention to the rating of the best products. These are models that have collected a lot of positive reviews from buyers and specialists.