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Men shoes in Egypt

Men shoes in Egypt


The issue of choosing Men shoes in Egypt is often tricky. An abundance of various new products, a vast assortment, a variety of brands and materials used - all this can "blow the brain" to a simple layman who decides to create his style.

The issue is especially relevant in the field of men's shoes as an element of the essential wardrobe of a stylish person.

They say that the eyes are a mirror of the soul, and then shoes can safely be called a mirror of style. Therefore, the man needs to choose shoes carefully.

TYPES OF Men shoes in Egypt

    Shoes, many shoes, comfortable sneakers, sports sneakers, and flip flops are the main types of shoes. However, everything is not so elementary; there are many different models of shoes and boots that are radically different from each other.

    TYPES OF Men shoes in Egypt

      Men's shoes, as the basis of the wardrobe, are divided into several main types:

      • Oxfords with leather or suede lace-up closure. Perfect with a classic suit.
      • Derby - such a pair has an open lacing. They are best dressed for various informal events.
      • Loafers appearance. They have a comfortable heel and a rather thick sole. Looks good with jeans and fashionable slightly narrowed models of trousers.
      • Brogues - shoes with decorative perforation, ideal for spring-summer looks.
      • Monks - are made of genuine leather or suede. Instead of lacing, decorative straps are attached. Versatile, suitable for jeans and tight pants.

      Men shoes in Egypt

      TYPES OF Men BOOTS in Egypt

        Men's shoes are quite diverse, the main types of shoes:

        • The Chukka model has convenient slots for laces. Suitable for everyday wear.
        • Deserts - indispensable for everyday wear. They are sewn only from suede.
        • Chelsea - boots with a rounded toe and a thick sole. Usually sewn from smooth leather. It goes well with the casual style.

        Men SPORTS SHOES in Egypt

          Sports shoes are a super-convenient solution for leisure and street bows. The following models are popular:

          • Sneakers - classic sports shoes with lacing or clasps.
          • Sneakers were initially created for sports, but turned into comfortable shoes for every day, have a concise design and traditional lacing.
          • High-sneakers .high sneakers with fasteners, more like sports shoes.
          • MEN SLIPPERS in Egypt

          Slippers cannot be confused with other shoes; they are not fasteners. Their main types:

          • Flip flops.
          • Clogs.
          • Slates.
          • CHOOSING Men shoes in Egypt FOR A FORMAL EVENT

          Many people care about the question of how to choose shoes for a man for officialdom.

          And although sometimes the dress code of the company allows you to shoe sneakers in the office, at least once in your life, everyone will need to use the classic version of the shoe.

          Men shoes

          It is essential to understand all the nuances of the procedure for selecting a shoe pair for a suit.

          • Oxfords - the only real option for officialdom. This is the foundation of business style.
          • The derby also fits well in a business suit.
          • Brogues can be worn under a adequately selected casual men's suit.
          • Monks - something between oxford and derby. This model is the best solution for those who want to add a twist to the business image.


            Today the Egypt is experiencing a real surge in the popularity of sports shoes; it is worn with literally everything.

            Sneakers in our time are entirely legitimate even in places where no one would have thought of a welcome to them, for example, at a theater premiere.

            However, the pair is a couple of discord. So we are happy to share tips on how to choose men's shoes for sports.

            When choosing sports shoes, pay attention to cushioning, good fixation of the foot, and the degree of strength.

            When buying high-quality sneakers, excellent support for the ankle and foot will appear, which is very important.

            With excellent cushioning, knee injuries can be avoided. Also, the ideal quality of sports shoes guarantees a stable lifetime.


              Everyday shoes are less formal; they can equally well be combined with suits and jeans. The main varieties:

              • Brogues.
              • Derby.
              • Monks.
              • loafers.

              There are no strict rules, so you can safely experiment.


              There are a lot of them. Let us dwell on the basic ones, which have both excellent appearance and excellent quality characteristics:

              • Matte and glossy leather. Such material breathes well and is hygienic, looks noble.
              • Embossed leather beautifully imitates any texture. Thanks to the stamping, creases do not appear.
              • Suede is beautiful and soft to the touch. Shoes have a sophisticated look, pass air well, but are afraid of moisture.
              • Nubuck - complements the wardrobe, making it more complicated. The shoes are light and soft, with the appearance of unwanted scratches they can be wiped without any problems.
              • Artificial leather is multi-layered and impregnated on the front with a special coating. Shoes from it do not allow moisture, inexpensive.
              • Textiles, canvas. Shoes can be made of synthetic and natural fibers. Such material is easy to maintain, holds its shape, and is characterized by a variety of possible textures.

              Men shoe


              When deciding to choose shoes for men in Egypt, it is essential to pay due attention not only to the form but also to its color.

              Of course, you won't be mistaken in combining classic black shoes with wardrobe items. However, the combinations will turn out to be somewhat dull. You can consider more original options:

              • All shades of brown - an abundance of shades make it possible to choose shoes for any occasion.
              • Red color - with a successful combination gives an interesting fashionable image.
              • Shades of beige - this is a moderately light shade. It is worn with informal clothes in the warm season.
              • Blue - this color will successfully complement black casual clothes.
              • All shades of swamp green - noble and fashionable this season.

              It is always better to invest in high-quality, branded shoes. Excellent quality and reliability can provide a good brand. We will highlight the TOP 5 most prestigious brands of shoes for men.

              • Gucci.
              • Ted Baker
              • Timberland
              • Jlood
              • Loake

              But the modern world market is represented by many excellent companies producing various men's shoes.

              Everyone will choose a pair to taste and pocket. We highly recommend Jlood Shoes products as you can buy then easily and with a very reasonable price. 


              How to choose shoes for a man according to his size and not lose in quality?

              When buying, carefully study the material and evaluate the degree of comfort of the shoe.

              Examine the seams, stitching, and other elements. All this must be impeccable. Also, appreciate the sole.

              To choose men's shoes by size, knowledge of the bare numbers themselves will not be enough.

              Shoes need to be tried on and done in it at least ten steps, evaluating your feelings. If there is any discomfort, you should refuse to purchase.

              Follow all the above recommendations and carry the purchase with pleasure!

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