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How to wear Men Accessories in Egypt

How to wear Men Accessories in Egypt

Rami Abadir |

How to wear Men Accessories in Egypt

Men Accessories in Egypt are just a small addition to your appearance, but at the same time, they can independently set its style.

Some accessories are used often and everywhere: for example, watches or belts.

Others, such as cufflinks, bracelets or pocket squares, are used less often and not everywhere. Nevertheless, accessories should be an integral part of the chosen style, complementing clothes and each other.

Get acquainted with several basic rules for wearing accessories and combining them with other elements of the wardrobe.

Men Accessories in Egypt

Rules of wearing Men Accessories in Egypt 

    Of course, the main criterion for selecting accessories is your taste. Nevertheless, there are several rules, the knowledge of which will allow you to look successful: 

    1. A stylish expensive suit and watch are a must-have for a man. 
    2. Jewels on men carry some promise. Therefore, always specify the function of the accessory and what it is worn with. Of metals, give preference to platinum - it is considered a male metal. 
    3. The style of clothing and accessories should be combined. 
    4. Busting with quantity will not play into your hands - an abundance of accessories indicates a bad taste.

    Clock; an essential Men Accessory in Egypt

      The main requirement for a watch is the correspondence of the style of their bracelet to the style of your clothes.

      If you have only one watch, then it should be suitable for those things that you wear most often. Most likely, it will be the clothes in which you go to work.

      If you want to wear the watch more often, then we advise you to take it in a non-trivial way, buying either models that are different in style or different straps.

      A classic model with a simple white dial and the black leather strap fits the business or official style of clothing.

      A metal wristwatch bracelet is combined rather with a casual outfit or office suit. As for gold watches, they are more appropriate in the presence of other jewelry of the same color.

      A sports watch with a strap made of fabric or rubber is combined with any style other than business.

      Belt; the prince of Men Accessories in Egypt

        A popular Men Accessory in Egypt that is divided into three main types depending on the style: business, casual and sports.

        A business or pants belt is worn with a classic suit. It is usually made of genuine leather and has strict traditional tones: black or brown.

        The casual style of the belt involves several types of material: leather, faux leather, and fabric.

        At the same time, the color of the belt can be anything - the main thing is to harmonize with the color of the clothes.

        There is a third type - sports, which, as a rule, is made of fabric and is worn, as you understand from the name, with sportswear. Several basic rules must be observed when wearing a belt.

        A suede belt is combined with the same shoes. The color of the metal plaque should match the color of other jewelry accessories. If you put on a belt with jeans, remember that it should close the label, and not hide under it.

        Men Accessories

        • Tie

        It is customary to buy a tie with an eye on the available elements of clothing with which it is worn.

        If the shirt and tie have patterns, then they should vary in size. For example, if these are strips, then it will be a good decision to choose their different widths.

        Cool tones of a tie, such as dark blue, olive green or purple, are considered the most versatile and do not conflict with other shades.

        Warm tones - red, orange or yellow - are more radical and are combined rather with a dark blue or black suit.

        It is worth thinking about the fabric from which the tie is made. Silk ties are more suitable for the official style.

        Wool is most appropriate to use in the winter. In other cases, you can wear ties made of cotton or linen.

        • Wallet

        This important piece of Men Accessories in Egypt should be made of leather and combined with other leather accessories. It is best to pick it up under the briefcase. So you definitely won’t lose.

        Less practical, but it will also look beautiful purse, matched to the shoes or belt.

        The classic colors are black and brown. Chocolate color, cognac color, dark green, gray, burgundy are also popular. 

        For greater practicality, choose models with many departments for credit cards and a large department for banknotes.

        Filling business cards and photographs into your wallet is not solid - for this, it is better to purchase an organizer. Jlood men accessories will not let you Down and make a mistake with the choice

        • Sunglasses 

        This Men Accessory in Egypt is especially in demand in the summer. With bright scorching sun, glasses turn into a very useful thing from decoration.

        It is much more comfortable to walk on a bright summer day in the city or lie on the coast in sunglasses. 

        Men's Accessories

        • Men's bag

        This is a rather important element of Men Accessories in Egypt. A high-quality, properly selected bag can be the main part of a fashionable image. Moreover, it will make you feel comfortable.

        Which bag is best to choose, decide on the lifestyle. If you are an office clerk, get a briefcase, it will be convenient for a student with a city ​​backpack. Universal is considered a messenger bag.

        With her, you can go to work and take a walk with friends.

        • Men's scarf 

        This fashion item has become popular recently. It is quite versatile: you can wear it with a classic suit, and with a casual jacket.

        This accessory is most popular among sloppy style lovers.

        It’s difficult to call it an alternative to a tie because it’s not commie it fault to apply for an event that requires a dress code in a scarf instead of a tie.

        But in everyday situations, the scarf will emphasize the courage and extraordinary owner. The scarf must be silk, with a fine pattern. Strips and cells are best avoided.

        • Conclusion

        To wear and skillfully combine various men's accessories in Egypt, first of all, you need to have a taste. You also need to be brave. And one more thing: do not save on your appearance.

        A man does not need so many jewelries. It would be better for a couple of accessories, but they will look luxurious.