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Leather bags in Egypt

Leather bags in Egypt

Rami Abadir |

How to choose Leather bags in Egypt correctly

Although the choice of Leather bags in Egypt is vast in the market today, meeting with an accessory that is right for you is not guaranteed.

When choosing a bag, you need to be guided by several simple principles on how to choose a leather bag for women.

Then you will be able to acquire both a practical and elegant thing. You should not rely too much on fashion trends and trends. As a rule, they do not meet individual needs.

A leather bag is a rather expensive thing, so it is purchased for more than one season.

What businesswomen should choose from Leather bags in Egypt

    A leather bag is suitable for businesswomen as an everyday option since leather products do not allow moisture to pass, and removing dirt from them is easy and straightforward.

    This kind of bag should differ in capacity. The handles of such an accessory should also be reliable.

    It's okay if the bag has many internal pockets, it's convenient to store different trifles in them.

    Leather bags in Egypt

    A pocket for a mobile phone is not an extra detail in a business bag, today it is not only relevant but also dictated by necessity.

    As for the style of a business bag, it is better to choose classics. Even the decor of such an accessory is recommended to be made of solid materials.

    For example, all the same skin, not beads or rhinestones, which quickly come off at the first opportunity.

    How to distinguish faux leather on a bag from genuine

      Modern technologies allow the production of artificial leather, the appearance of which is indistinguishable from natural.

      So that you do not have to regret buying, learn by the type of bag to determine its naturalness.

      Please inspect the product; you need to find its slice or edge.

      If this is a product manufactured by a bona fide manufacturer, you will see a probe attached to the product. The skin has a characteristic smell, smell the probe.

      But that's not all, as synthetic polymers can be perfumed. A more effective check is a touch test.

      It is not necessary to touch the bag in order to understand what its texture is. It is essential to find out how the surface of the product is heated.

      Genuine skin takes on the temperature of the human body.

      Leather bag

      • Genuine Leather Test Methods

      There are other methods of checking how to choose a leather bag for women. But they can only be carried out with the permission of the seller. If you have such an opportunity, use an open fire.

      If you hold a lighter along the surface of the bag, you can understand whether the fake is in front of you or not.

      Short-term contact with fire will not damage the surface of the bag made of genuine leather; the substitute will melt.

      Only a conscientious seller will decide on such an experiment, so you should offer this option to the seller in the store.

      To buy a leather bag, you sometimes need an impressive amount, so before you give money, drop water on the surface of the product.

      The accessory made of genuine leather should darken slightly, as water can absorb into the skin. A drop on the polymer will remain in place.

      Leather test. How to determine the naturalness of the material?

        1. A look at the slice. Take a close look at the raw section of the product. It can be found, for example, at the seam. If it is fleecy and does not exfoliate, then this is genuine leather.
        2. A fire test will help you verify the authenticity of your skin. When exposed to fire, natural skin will not be severely damaged; it will smolder slightly. Of course, you will not be allowed to set fire to the bag in the store, so the next method is safer.
        3. Water test. Put a little water on the bag and wait 15 seconds. Genuine leather absorbs moisture, and darkening will be visible until the water has completely dried.
        4. You are feeling of warmth. Put your hand on a leather product; if you think how the skin gives you warmth - it is natural. Artificial leather will stay fresh.
        5. Elasticity check. If you bend the bag, then the wrinkles remaining after that will quickly disappear if the skin is genuine. If not, the creases will remain.
        6. It is touching suede. To check the naturalness of suede, it is worth running a hand over the pile. The pile of the natural product will deviate and slightly change color.
        • Be sure to check the fittings on the bag

        Check the quality of the joints; in an expensive product, it should be covered with a unique protective film.

        Leather bags

        The lines on the container should also be smooth and high-quality; about sticking out, threads should not be discussed at all.

        How to choose the color of Leather bags in Egypt

          For women, the color of the bag is no less important than its quality. This criterion most often attracts attention.

          A pleasant shade of color often plays a significant role in choosing the necessary accessory, as it has the ability to draw the eye.

          Do not deny yourself the pleasure of giving preference to a bag whose color has attracted your attention.

          Perhaps this particular thing can enhance your mood. It is not always necessary to be guided by the arguments of practicality and convenience.

          The size of Leather bags in Egypt

            Today, the days when women chose a medium-sized black bag were gone. Of course, this option cannot be discounted entirely.

            But it's unlikely to be fashionable to look with such a bag, so you have to think about how to choose a leather bag for women in size.

            When shopping, decide on the size of the bag. The wardrobe of a modern woman should have several different handbags.

            If you go to a restaurant, a small evening bag will be indispensable, and a large roomy bag will come in handy as an everyday option or in case of traveling over short distances. The classic format bag is perfect for business meetings.

            The choice of the bag depending on the type of figure

              When choosing a product, do not forget to evaluate your picture objectively. Tall women should prefer larger bags and miniature ladies - not very voluminous accessories.

              Bags with an elongated shape down are able to give a woman harmony visually.

              In order for an accessory to suit in every way, one should be guided by the following principle when choosing: a bag should be in harmony with the color of shoes and outerwear, in a word, corresponding to the selected style.

              Harmonizing does not mean being the same color with shoes or gloves; today, such a combination is considered a bad form rather.

              If you want to buy a bag for a long time, make sure it's quality at the stage of the purchase.

              That's all the secrets of how to choose a leather bag for a woman. Try Jlood bags, they are simply the best.