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Laptop bags in Egypt

Laptop bags in Egypt

Rami Abadir |

HOW TO CHOOSE Laptop bags in Egypt

The market has many models of various shapes and sizes of Laptop bags in Egypt, from different materials.

The price of bags can vary by tens of times, and it's not always clear what caused this difference, are there any significant differences between different models, are they all equally convenient and functional?

When making a choice, you need to consider that a laptop bag, like a watch, a tie, belt, and other accessories, is a thing by which to evaluate the taste and status of the owner.

Main models of Laptop bags in Egypt

    To get started, let's try to figure out what options for laptop bag models can be found in the sale.

    It should be noted that they can be divided into groups according to different criteria (material, color, level of protection, the presence of additional compartments and pockets, etc.).

    We take as a basis for the functionality of the bags while evaluating their external differences.

    The right choice starts with the type of accessory. It can be performed as:

    • A classic bag with a handle and a shoulder strap - it can be worn in hand and on the shoulder.
    • A backpack with two shoulder straps.
    • Briefcase with one carrying handle in hand.

    Laptop bags in Egypt

    The classic model perfectly complements the casual look and goes well with casual wear.

    This choice is optimal for those who are not limited by the requirements of a strict dress code. It is convenient to travel to work with her, including in public transport.

    Using a backpack is very convenient for long trips; it allows you to free your hands.

    But in public transport, when driving in a dense stream of people, an expensive gadget can be stolen.

    It is advisable for office staff, managers, high-ranking officials, lawyers who are required to comply with the business dress code to choose portfolios.

    They have a characteristic appearance and are harmoniously combined with a strict suit.

    How to choose a size for Laptop bags in Egypt?

      Before buying, you need to know the size of the laptop. The main parameter is the diagonal of the screen, measured in inches.

      The most common models are designed to carry gadgets with a diagonal of 14-15 inches.

      You can also buy a model under the diagonal of the screen 10; eleven; 12; thirteen; 16; 17 and more inches. It is equally important to choose the right shape for the bag. With the same diagonal size, the length and width of the sides can be different.

      How to find out the size of a bag suitable for a particular model? Carefully examine the sizes and make sure that none of them is smaller than the gadget.

      The next step is how to determine the size of the bag, taking into account the features of use. On the Internet, you can find recommendations to select it clearly by the size of the gadget.

      Laptop bags

      Other resources are advised to take with some margin. The last tip will allow you to place different objects in it, but at the same time, the surface of the laptop is faster damaged, more often scratched.

      Material of Laptop bags in Egypt

        The choice of laptop bag largely depends on what material is preferred:

        • Leather.
        • Leatherette.
        • Textiles - nylon or polyester.
        • Hard plastic.

        Genuine leather products look very presentable, but visually it isn't straightforward to determine the quality of the artistry.

        To avoid disappointment, you should only buy products from well-known brands, such as Samsonite.

        Faux leather - such products are much cheaper and less durable, but they are just as practical.

        It is essential to determine the quality of the material and tailoring correctly, the guarantee of which is the brand.

        Products made of nylon or polyester attract affordable prices with good quality and high wear resistance.

        Hard plastic provides maximum protection for gadgets, but such products are not very convenient to carry in their hands for a long time.

        At Jlood Bags , you'll find a variety of choices that fulfills every need.

        Laptop bag

        • Degree of protection

        The primary function of a laptop bag is protection against adverse external influences. How to choose a laptop bag that will provide it? The following characteristics must be evaluated:

        • Water resistance.
        • Shock-absorbing properties.

        To protect laptop computers from moisture, manufacturers use moisture-resistant materials - polyester and nylon, leather, plastic, and the gadget will not get wet even in heavy rain.

        Other materials are impregnated with unique water-repellent compounds. Such impregnation is enough for a short walk during rain or snowfall.

        Plastic cases provide the best mechanical protection, but leather and leatherette bags significantly soften the force of blows.

        High-quality products of Jlood Laptop Bags made of nylon and polyester, additionally undergo the process of reinforcing with metal threads and effectively protect electronic devices.

        • Damage protection

        Each owner wants his laptop to look as new as possible. But scuffs on the surface, small scratches allow you to find out how long the gadget has been used.

        If you store and carry it in a case, backpack or case, there will be much less such microdamage.

        You need to choose the right bag, carefully examining how its internal space is organized.

        The gadget compartment must hold it securely and have a lining of soft, smooth fabric.

        Inexpensive models, the inner compartment may have reinforced walls, including those made using innovative technology with the installation of airbags.

        This allows you to avoid not only scratches in contact with keys and coins, but also provide additional protection against drops, bumps, and moisture.

        What else is essential to pay attention to when buying Laptop bags in Egypt?

        When deciding which bag to choose, you should pay attention to the thoroughness of the processing of seams and high-quality fittings.

        Most well-known manufacturers do not use plastic zippers and other elements - only metal ones.

        Another important point on how to choose the right bag is the number of additional external and internal pockets.

        For business people, it is advisable to purchase more capacious models in which you can carry not only a laptop computer, mouse but also various papers.

        Models designed for travel can have compartments for keys, documents, a camera, phone, and charger.