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Biker shoes in Egypt

Biker shoes in Egypt

The rough style of the bike has recently literally flooded the fashionable stages Biker shoes in Egypt. Designers, as if conspiring, is urging women of fashion to become “bad girls” and include shoes, jackets, trousers, and skirts full of chains, rivets, and perforations in their arsenal. Designers especially appreciate biker-style boots.

What to wear with Biker shoes in Egypt?

Biker boots - shoes for rebels

Biker boots in Egypt look a little gloomy and rude, but in their way unusual and interesting.

This is their chip. They have a flat sole or a small steady heel, and as an ornament - an abundance of rivets, straps, and spikes.

They can be called all-terrain vehicles. In such shoes, the feet will not be afraid of any slush and dirt.

They will become a real find for those who want to look fashionable, stylish, bright even in bad weather and at the same time, not neglect practicality.

Even if you do not want to support such a brutal trend of the season, at least one pair of biker-style boots should be present.

To do this, it is not at all necessary to be an ardent lover of motorcycles. Believe me, even the most romantic fashionista will certainly have a reason to “walk” such shoes.

If you are a rebel by nature, God himself ordered you to become the owner of such shoes. Designers recommend wearing them to all those who seek to demonstrate their assertiveness and "masculine character."

Biker shoes in Egypt

Variety of Biker shoes in Egypt

From the variety of Biker shoes in Egypt, even the most sophisticated women of fashion scatter their eyes. Gone are the days when only leather models in black were presented.

Now designers offer shoes made of leather, suede, nubuck, denim, textiles and even fur. The color palette is dominated by black, gray and brown.

On the catwalk, there were also models in white and blue. Some designers presented to the court of fashionistas models with a worn effect and did not fail.

The length of biker boots in Egypt may vary. Especially popular are tall models, reaching almost to the knee. Their nose can be either blunt or sharp.

In terms of decor, almost nothing has changed. They are still decorated with metal in the form of lightning, rivets, spikes, and chains.

Some designers went even further and placed floral embroidery and sparkling rhinestones on such rough shoes, which caused a storm of admiration among fashionistas.

How to wear Biker shoes in Egypt

At the time, when the distinction between male and female wardrobe from season to season, more and more blurred, Biker shoes in Egypt have become an excellent alternative high boots or ankle boots with a heel.

Rough models with wide shafts and studs and studs have been appearing in the collections of famous brands like Valentino and Giuseppe Zanotti for more than one season.

Such shoes are a great way to dilute a feminine outfit by adding a piece of rock and rebellion to it.

  • Give preference to models 10-15 centimeters above the ankle, they will not visually shorten the legs.
  • Putting on such a pair, do not rush to extremes and combine it with leather trousers and a leather jacket. Add to her a delicate combination dress, and you will get a trendy look.
  • The metal parts of the shoes should not argue with your jewelry. Pick up accessories in the color of metal fittings.

Biker shoes in Egypt will help create a daring and fatal look. A fashionista who dared to wear such shoes never goes wrong if she can correctly choose clothes for them.

Biker shoe

Biker boots are truly universal. They will allow you to create a variety of ensembles: from innocent and touching to sexually emphasized. Try out some of  product, they are actually the best

If biker boots abound with metal decor, clothing should have a sleek design.

suitable clothing

In terms of suitable clothing, these shoes are very finicky. The ideal option is to wear it with clothes in a rocker style. You can safely wear biker boots with leather pants, tight tights or leggings.

The latter can have absolutely any color. If you want to emphasize your femininity, leggings can be complemented with a long T-shirt or sweater, as well as a short dress.

Biker boots go well with skinny jeans. In this case, the image can be supplemented with a jacket-jacket.

Opposites attract - a common truth, which is true about this shoe. A flowing fabric dress and biker boots are completely compatible concepts.

A light chiffon dress with a floral pattern, diluted with brutal shoes and a leather jacket, will hint to others the versatility of your nature - both bold and romantic. Everything else, such an ensemble looks sexy.

The dress can be either a mini-length or floor. This rule also applies to skirts. Medium-length models with such shoes look ridiculous.

Dresses with a high waist look very beautiful with her. The image will be even more delicate if you complement a similar dress with a plain jacket and slightly curl your hair.

Biker shoes

Women do not need to be combined with biker equipment

It is permissible to wear biker boots with shorts worn over tights if age and figure allow you to. An important nuance - tights must be tight. A long cardigan in this ensemble will be useful.

In outerwear, it is better to opt for cropped coats and jackets. It is permissible to combine such shoes with fur, but only with a short fur coat. Long sheepskin coats and fur coats are a complete taboo.

Biker shoes in Egypt can be worn safely at any time of the year. In winter and autumn, they will give comfort to the legs, and in summer in a duet with a light dress - they will allow you to look fresh and stylish.

Star fans

Biker boots instantly attracted Hollywood celebrities. They value them for their convenience and versatility. In everyday life, they are preferred by Nicole Richie, Mel C, Gisele Bundchen, Madonna, Nina Dobrev, Megan Fox, Avril Lavigne, Selena Gomez, and many others.

Most star mods prefer black models. So, Nicole Richie chose in favor of patent leather biker boots. She combined them with black tight trousers and a sweatshirt.

Megan Fox complemented these shoes with a red dress and denim vest. As a result, it turned out quite freshly and extravagantly!

Selena Gomez loves to combine biker boots with short jeans shorts, an elongated T-shirt and a light scarf, casually tied around the neck. Take an example from the stars!

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