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Business backpacks in Egypt

Business backpacks in Egypt

Rami Abadir |

Business backpacks in Egypt: a review of models and choice

Currently, an exciting addition to men's business images is a stylish, strict Business backpacks in Egypt. Such an accessory can give not only elegance but also become a convenient place to store and carry essential things.

Today we'll talk about men's business backpacks.

Features of Business backpacks in Egypt

Even though many people usually associate backpacks with a sporty style, today, some models of such accessories are also used to complement the business image. 

Business backpacks for men began to supplant the usual for many briefcases and classic bags.Most often, such business backpacks are made in traditionally discreet colors.

They are not decorated with a large number of decorative elements and small pockets, but they are quite roomy.

Such men's office accessories are concise and straightforward products. 

They are considered the most convenient and practical options for office work or study.Some models have separate compartments for carrying a laptop and documents.

Business backpacks in Egypt

Materials and colors

Business backpacks in Egypt can be made from a variety of materials. Often, genuine leather is used to create them.

The cost of these copies will be quite high compared to models from other foundations.

Leather backpacks will give the image of elegance and sophistication. Some samples are made from artificial leather.They will have a significantly lower cost.

The best option for making such classic accessories is polyester and nylon. These materials are considered quite wear-resistant and durable.

Moreover, they have an affordable price. There are practically no analogs to this raw material. Both polyester and nylon are particularly resistant to moisture, so accessories from them can be worn even in heavy rain and snow.

In addition, they are able to maintain their appearance for a long time. The most common option are Business backpacks in Egypt for men in black colors. 

They are suitable for almost any look.

Such accessories, decorated in different shades of gray, blue, brown, milk, and beige, can become an exciting addition to the style.

Brands of Business backpacks in Egypt

Currently, there are a large number of different brands producing men's backpacks in a business style.

But we stress the following:


This brand produces men's backpacks, which are distinguished by a particular protective system from thieves. They are equipped with a durable mesh of metal base. It is sewn into the polyester.

The products of this manufacturing company are produced in many colors such as; blue, red, black or gray. Backpacks have a beautiful, concise presentable look and go well with strict trousers and a shirt.

 Business backpack


This manufacturer sells men's Business backpacks in Egypt made of durable polyester.

In the manufacture of this material is additionally impregnated with a particular substance that allows you to enhance the water-repellent properties of the product.

Models are distinguished by a simple, but beautiful and strict appearance.

Xiaomi creates models of a rather large volume (16-17 liters). They are performed in a minimalist style; they can be suitable for both business people and students.

How to choose Business backpacks in Egypt?

When choosing a suitable model for Business backpacks in Egypt, some rules should be considered. So, be sure to take into account the dimensions of the product. The model should not have a mass of more than one kilogram.

If you carry a large number of objects in it, including tablets or laptops, things with a lot of weight, the product may be too bulky and uncomfortable.

And also, it is worth paying particular attention to the presence of an orthopedic back in the model. It is recommended to purchase models with this element - it helps to maintain posture and protect the spine under heavy loads.

The color scheme deserves attention. The most versatile option is the black model. When selecting samples in a different gamut, it is worth considering the style and colors of the clothes and shoes with which you will wear them.

You must view the quality of tailoring.The most high-quality and durable are samples made of leather. Indeed, models made of this material are capable of maintaining a saturated color for a long time, have a high level of wear resistance; they do not fade and do not fade in the sun.

The product must be well sewn; no sticking threads can be. Look for extra pockets. As a rule, office products do not have a large number of small compartments. But the most practical are samples with a department for a laptop and for storing documents.

When choosing, consider the quality of the locks. Too weak fasteners will break quickly and will have to be replaced separately.

High-quality zippers will last a long time and will be easy to open and close. Pay attention to the maximum volume of the product. The larger it is, the more various objects can be placed in it.

Flat relatively small models are more often used to store and carry only documents or only a small laptop.


What to wear with it?

If you are going to wear Business backpacks in Egypt for office work, then it can be combined with a shirt and strict trousers in neutral colors (black, blue, maroon, dark green, gray).

In some cases, cream, beige, and dairy options may also be suitable. It is even better to choose a shirt with a calm, discreet color. It should be well combined with a backpack and trousers. You can complement the image with a strict monophonic jacket.

Office models can be combined with jeans.But it's better not to choose too tight samples.

They can be worn with shirts with both short and long sleeves. Classic jumpers can come up. Business-class backpacks can be worn with t-shirts and dress pants.

To make the style more strict and elegant, you should wear a jacket. As for shoes, in this case, it is better to choose men's patent leather or matte shoes.