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Women fashion bags in Egypt

Women fashion bags in Egypt

Rami Abadir |

The complete guide of Women fashion bags in Egypt

Women fashion bags in Egypt are essential elements of female images as they create the first impression.

A well-chosen bag reflects the vision and style of the lady. The tact is worth paying particular attention to this subject.

So, the new items of the season for every day from the must-have list.

Trends of Women fashion bags in Egypt

The coming year promises a variety of shapes, colors, textures. As always, rectangular, square, round, trapezoidal models are relevant.

No less popular are bag-bags, "rockets," miniature products, saddle-shaped, triangular configurations, and fancy styles.

The trend is dark blue, blue, chocolate, beige, gray, black shades. Red, burgundy, and violet colors are not far behind them; you can find out more by clicking on the link.

Bright, multi-colored accessories in the color blocking genre are incredibly popular, as well as bags decorated with floral appliques, abstract drawings.

Unusually fashionable products are decorated with logos of famous brands, as well as animal prints: cats, dogs, horses, monkeys. And, of course, leopard colors.

Women fashion bags in Egypt

Sack bag

A similar model is considered a trend. The pouches are lovely, comfortable, equipped with a round bottom. Designers presented a variety of sizes.

Suede products look incredibly stylish. They are decorated with all kinds of details. No less spectacular are textile, leather handbags. In any case, they are all suitable for walking, traveling.

Bag with fringe

As always, this model is prevalent among fashionistas. This decor makes a light element of cowboy rebellion or boho-chic. The dynamics of the lines distinguish the product.

In the next season, stylists decided to use such jewelry actively. Therefore, on the catwalks, you can see many bags hung with various bottoms.

It can be the lightest "disheveled" threads, leather, suede strips, as well as all kinds of metal chains.

Tweed accessories decorated with "crow's feet" and cages look especially chic. They are also painted with brushes.


Practical, original ciders are trending again. Today they are considered oversimplified. Such accessories are compact, roomy, stylish.

They are used in daily business images. Natural leather models are especially relevant. Similar products look noble and respectable.

Round bags

Designers slightly changed saddles for Women fashion bags in Egypt. They breathed new life into them, complementing them with varnished curved handles.

A snow-white handbag in the shape of an apple has become a favorite of the season.

It was equipped with a thick leather handle. Some models are made in the classical style; others are decorated with embroideries, fringe garlands.

Sport bags

Now, these models are worn with elongated over sized jackets or fitted silhouettes.

They are dressed in hand or thrown over the shoulder strap. They give the appearance a certain audacity, sharpness.

Women fashion bags

Transparent bags

Several exotic products require their owners to be careful. You can choose options equipped with dense inner covers.

These handbags are complemented by light dresses, sundresses, and even strict business suits.

Square bags

They are Products with strict, precise lines. Some resemble elegant suitcases. There are variations made in the art genre.

Fashionable colors: blue, silver, red shades. Also, bags are decorated with rhinestones, carved patterns.

The news of the season is varied and exciting. It is better to purchase in your collection several different models for different situations.

The variety of Women fashion bags in Egypt does not end with fashionable clutches or shoppers.

The world of women's favorite accessories is rich in intricate styles. The names of the models, it should be noted, are no less impressive. We have compiled a list of fashionable bags, the names of which not everyone knows.

Handbags Guide

Women fashion bags in Egypt are most often bought in the online store. The price is much lower, the quality is higher, and a vast selection.

It's also advised that you try Jlood products, as they come in a very reasonable price with the best quality.

Women bag

Sometimes, when choosing a bag, we come across exciting names, and we realize that we don't even imagine how such a bag looks. And so that in the future we would not have such a problem let's look at the names and concepts of the most popular handbags.

  • A backpack is a durable bag made of high-quality material with two handles on the shoulders of
  • Briefcase a bag-bag, a very convenient option for people who carry a laptop and a lot of documents.
  • Clutch - our favorite clutch, which is now at the pinnacle of popularity, has two types: for everyday wear and evening outings.
  • Diaper bag- a bag for mummies, very spacious, there you can put a mixture for feeding and diapers.
  • Drawstring - a bag, a bag, a drawstring serves as a buckle; in some models, there is a hidden zipper.
  • Duffel bag - a sports bag, it can be small or medium size.
  • Envelope - a bag for a special occasion in the form of a paper envelope, but not much more significant.
  • Frame clutch - another type of grip, has a rigid frame, and a hat-shaped clasp.
  • Hatbox - translates as a hatbox, but at the moment, this bag has nothing to do with hats at all; there is only a retro style that combines them.
  • Hobo is one of the most popular bags of our time; almost every woman has or had such a bag. The shape is a little baggy, a short belt.
  • Laptop bag - a bag for a laptop or notebook, depending on the size of the device.
  • Luggage - a suitcase or a travel bag, can be of different shapes and sizes.
  • Messenger bag , ideal for young students. Medium-sized bag with many pockets on a long handle over the shoulder.
  • Straw - a bag that is made of straw, it is very convenient to walk in the city and the beach in the summer.
  • The tote is a women's bag, rectangular and straightforward.
  • Wrist-let is a small bag with a short strap worn on the wrist.


There are a considerable number of types Women fashion bags in Egypt. Still, they are all designed for us to carry things and complement your look conveniently.

Styles, sizes, colors, all this is very individual, and each woman selects for herself, for her style and taste.

Modern handbags can be completely different, and this is their chief charm.

The fashion season 2016 does not limit the choice of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors, so you can safely experiment with the image and pleasantly surprise others.

The only thing that should be taken into account when selecting an accessory is its compatibility with clothing elements, style, and own complexion.