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Women fashion sneakers in Egypt

Women fashion sneakers in Egypt

Rami Abadir |

What to look for when buying Women fashion sneakers in Egypt

While you are searching for Women fashion sneakers in Egypt, you should have the following in mind.

Sometimes female legs need rest from the constant wearing of tall stilettos and heels.

Women's sneakers are one of the most convenient and practical types of shoes, which will make a good company for your legs when doing fitness, walking, traveling, and other types of outdoor activities.

The giant manufacturers of branded women's shoes Adidas, Reebok, SKETCHERS, Puma, Creative recreation, Laura Valorosa, etc. offer a massive selection of quality products.

Why Women fashion sneakers are so popular in Egypt?

Modern women of fashion have long worn sneakers not only for sports training but also in everyday life, creating sharp images. And all because this shoe has the following advantages:

Women fashion sneakers in Egypt

  • Comfort. Absolutely any model of sneakers, despite the design features, can withstand even the most active day and at the same time not cause a feeling of heaviness and discomfort in the legs.

  • A large assortment. The choice of sneakers today is so great that fashionistas can buy one, or maybe several different models at once, differing in appearance and cost.

  • Quality. Thanks to modern materials used to make sneakers, the result is efficient and, most importantly - wear-resistant shoes.

TRENDS of Women fashion sneakers in Egypt 2020!

Every season, designers try to surprise us and offer a wide variety of models. We will discuss the fashion trends of sneakers 2020

The leading trends of women fashion sneakers in Egypt:

  • Velcro instead of shoelaces.

  • Detailing. For example, a suede backdrop on leather, patterned laces, leather patches on suede, or textile sneakers.

  • Wicker sneakers. Weaving is the hit of the season. These shoes are trendy.

  • Men's shoes. Many elements from the wardrobe of men go into the female. Shoes were no exception.

  • Custom shapes. They are also called ugly sneakers. This season, designers offer a combination of high soles with a woven tail in front. Catchy and extravagant, they will set you apart from the crowd.

  • Sneakers socks. They appeared on sale recently and immediately gained popularity. They have a thick, sturdy sole, and the top is an ordinary seamless toe combined with culottes, a midi skirt, and short dresses.


In addition to choosing a model of sneakers, it is also essential to determine the brand. A good company is the guarantor of quality, durability, and comfort of sneakers.

Top brands of Women fashion sneakers in Egypt 2020:

  • Nike. This year the company produces shoes in acid shades: light green, orange, yellow, pink. The model Air Max 90 remains relevant.

  • Reebok. White leather models are featured this season. Reebok shoes are known for their quality. The durability of sneakers from three to five years.

  • Adidas. This brand always pleases us with bright and practical options. Their sneakers will fit into any look.

  • New balance is another company that produces stylish and comfortable shoes. Model New Balance 574 has been at the top of the list for several years.

  • Saucony. The brand is intended for athletes. Soft and lightweight outsole stabilizes the feet while running. Comfort socks fell in love with ordinary people using sneakers in everyday life.

Women fashion sneakers

Mostly BLACK AND WHITE Fashion Sneakers

Black classic Women fashion sneakers in Egypt have remained relevant for several years now. They are universal; both men and women love them. Black crosses with a dense white sole - a trend of 2020.

They are combined with tucked up jeans, knitted tight dresses, skirts.

White sneakers have gained popularity recently. You can't call them practical, they get dirty quickly, and you can't swear in rainy weather.

Nevertheless, white shoes add airiness and tenderness. In 2019 - 2020, white sneakers made of textiles at the peak of popularity, but leather and suede do not lose their relevance.

Combine them with jeans, with a light dress or with a business suit.

Both white and black sneakers will be the right choice this season.

What to wear during SPRING and SUMMER?

In the warm season, you want to spend more time outdoors. Beautiful high-heeled shoes are not always comfortable and appropriate. Sneakers come to the rescue.

For the summer, designers of Women fashion sneakers in Egypt offer a textile upper. The colors are very diverse: from plain white to prints with flowers.

More discreet and calm people recommend paying attention to the unisex models. These are fashionable, stylish, but without too much decor.

What to wear during AUTUMN and WINTER?

High sneakers are the best solution for the cold season. Many people prefer shoes over boots. High-quality crosses do not get wet; keep warm, and much more comfortable than any other shoes.

White sneakers will remain relevant for fall/winter. Choose leather options with thick soles and a large tongue. The main thing is to monitor the weather, mud and rain will spoil the presentable appearance of the sneakers.

What Women fashion sneakers in Egypt to wear FOR THE CITY?

Good sneakers for the city combine style and convenience. If you walk a lot, Choose models with soft and flexible soles. For short walks, high-soled sneakers are a great option. They look stylish and attractive.

Do not neglect sneakers with rhinestones, appliques, attractive prints - this is all created for the urban style.

Choose your running shoes wisely. The lightness of the shoe and a good sole protecting the feet are essential here. And for jogging on asphalt, we recommend a grooved sole.

In crosses made of genuine leather and suede, we advise you to practice indoors or only in dry weather. For wet weather, choose shoes with membranes and waterproof materials. 

Women sneakers

Women fashion sneakers in Egypt made GENUINE LEATHER

Sneakers made of genuine leather look very impressive. They also have elasticity, which provides comfort to the foot. Such shoes are not cheap but durable. We do not recommend choosing a leather substitute.

Leather crosses are versatile and practical. Keeping the temperature balance; in the cold and hot season, they are very comfortable.

Variegated sneakers will add a solid, calm bow. White or black will add a twist to the business style.

Do not forget to take care of your shoes, and then it will last at least five years.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN CHOOSING Women fashion sneakers in Egypt

How not to fall for a fake? What to look for when buying sneakers, so that later you do not regret the money spent? Let's take a look at the main points.

Pay attention to the following details:

  • Lacing. In branded crosses, she is always present.
  • Lines. Check their evenness.
  • Glue. The accuracy of its application indicates quality.
  • Smell. Avoid synthetic odors.
  • Size, country of manufacture, material information sticker. At least strange if this information is missing.
  • Arch support. It's a must In sneakers for aerobic exercise.
  • Insole. A removable insole will help maintain hygiene.
  • Edge around the ankle. A hard edge causes discomfort when worn.
  • Fold. Bend the shoe across. The fold place on good shoes is closer to the toes. Such shoes are comfortable when walking, running.

If you were really searching for Women fashion sneakers in Egypt, you should try Jlood As they are considered one of the leading brand of fashionable shoes.