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9 cm heels in Egypt

9 cm heels in Egypt

Rami Abadir |

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Any real woman knows several secrets to radically transform. Even casual jeans and a T-shirt will look stylish and feminine when combined with fashionable 9 cm heels in Egypt.

And for girls whose nature has not rewarded with model growth, a high heel is simply a necessary attribute. But, unfortunately, there is a flip side to the coin.

Without a doubt, high-heeled shoes or boots are not the most comfortable shoes, especially if you don’t take them off all day. Let's not forget that the height of the heel for women should also be considered in terms of health effects.

Features heels of different sizes 9 cm heels in Egypt included

  • Heel 7 - 9 cm.

It is wonderful if in shoes with such a heel a woman feels easy and at ease. Such shoes will harmoniously complement the image of a modern businesswoman, and an evening outfit.

A wedge heel will give such a heel more stability, and the boats will make you even more feminine and elegant.

If 7–9 cm is a bit tall for you, then you can wear these shoes for short events or in those cases when you do not have to walk or stand a lot.

9 cm heels in Egypt

  • Heel 10-12 cm.

The temptation to look chic is always great, but you should not choose shoes with too high a rise for everyday wear.

In such shoes, the foot is strongly bent, the center of gravity is displaced. And, as a result, there can be no question of comfort and stability. Of course, beauty requires sacrifice!

And since you are ready to make such sacrifices, then select such models so that there is enough space for the fingers in the toe cap, which will be the main burden. And better not buy shoes that do not support the arch of the foot.

If you can’t imagine your image without a 9 cm heel in Egypt , the platform will come to the rescue. Thanks to the 3-4-centimeter platform, you will feel much more stable and comfortable, because the heel 12 cm high will turn into an 8-9-centimeter.

The platform, however, also needs to be able to choose one so that the legs do not buckle when walking. Most likely, you will have to measure a lot of pairs of shoes until you choose the platform in which you will feel stable and confident.


Women who abuse daily wearing high-heeled shoes may develop flat feet over time.

There are two arches at the foot:

  • Transverse (along the line from the thumb to the little finger).
  • Longitudinal (along the line between the thumb and the center of the heel).

In women, transverse flatfoot is more common. As a result of the displacement of the center of the support closer to the fingers, the transverse arch is flattened, flatfoot develops.

Due to the regular wearing of high-rise shoes, the arch of the arch completely or partially disappears, and this, in turn, provokes pain in the legs, swelling of the feet, and general fatigue.

9 cm heel

Incorrect distribution of body weight negatively affects other joints of the lower extremities, causing over strain in the knees, ankle, and pelvis, up to the development of arthrosis and flat feet.

The load on the ankle joint, due to high heels, is fraught with narrowing of blood vessels and impaired blood circulation. As a result, at the end of the day, the woman feels numb and tingling in the feet.

If you cannot imagine your life without 9 cm heels in Egypt, then there are a few medical recommendations that are worth considering.

  • Massage

If you do not want to become the owner of the hallux bone of the thumb and varicose veins, do not wait until the pain subsides by itself. For women who prefer high-heeled shoes, doctors recommend regular foot massage to avoid stagnation.

You can turn to specialists or massage the feet yourself at home. Knead your feet with pads or bones or special stones.

  • Arch Support

Arch support - these are orthopedic insoles that help relieve stress, help normalize blood flow in the ankle and nutrition of the ligaments of the joint.

  • Sea salt baths

This miraculous remedy will restore your legs vitality, relieve swelling and soothe the pain. Universal recipe: 1 tablespoon of salt per 1 liter of water.

  • Gymnastics and exercise

Performing a complex of simple exercises, you will strengthen the health of your legs. Allocate 5-10 minutes of your time per day for the following exercises: alternate walking on toes and heels, rotation of the foot, flexion-extension of the fingers and ankle joint, rolling the roller legs on the floor.

  • Physio therapeutic procedures

Such procedures are prescribed by a doctor, as a rule, for the prevention and treatment of serious stages of flat feet. Physiotherapy may include: electrophoresis, phonophoresis, UHF, pressure chamber, etc

The secrets of choosing 9 cm heels in Egypt

It should be noted that often women with the same height, wearing the same model with a 9 cm heels in Egypt, feel differently in it.

The fact is that each woman has her lifting angle. Accordingly, each representative of the fair sex will have its ideal heel height. And how then to define it?

Red 9 cm heel

Very simple: walk barefoot at home on the pads of the foot, and then right on your fingers. Listen to your feelings. Which is more convenient? This will be your optimal heel height.

The choice of the perfect shoe for you is also affected by the mobility of the ankles, which, in turn, depends on the size of the so-called sinus of the tarsus.

This is the hollow between the ankle and heel, where the interosseous ligaments are located.

In some women, they are more elastic, in others less. Accordingly, the former easily wear high-heeled shoes, while the latter is more comfortable on flat soles.

To avoid various diseases of the feet, you need to know not only your ideal heel height. There should be enough space in the under-shoe part of the shoe.

If your toes feel like in a vise, then this can lead to various deformations, curvatures, bursitis, corns, and other problems.

And of course, it is important to pay enough attention to sustainability and comfort. Excessive tension in the legs can lead to a fall. A comfortable heel should support the ankle and be located a little closer to the toe of the foot. You can find comfortable examples at Jlood store.

Walking speed in shoes with heels is reduced. Accordingly, the load on the joints increases, the knees and ligaments are injured over time.

The golden mean is the alternation of high and low heel models. If you already have problems with joint health, then excessive caution will not hurt: choose the most comfortable shoes with low heels.

The rise of the shoe should be moderately narrow to maintain the arch of the foot and relieve stress from the fingers, preventing the foot from sliding forward.