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How To Choose Women Boots in Egypt

How To Choose Women Boots in Egypt

Rami Abadir |

How To Choose Women Boots in Egypt?
When you choose women boots in Egypt, you should know that It all depends on the type of figure. Yes, with boots, everything is precisely the same as with your favorite dress: to look sexy and stylish, it is worth choosing boots, taking into account the type of your figure.

Some models of boots will make you look stunning, but some, on the contrary, will bring you some suffering. Also, while choosing shoes with heels, you should take into account the peculiarities of the figure. Because for women with a specific type of figure, it is recommended to choose shoes with solid soles.

Most women prefer to dress in such a way as to emphasize their strengths and hide the flaws that they think they must have. And at the same time, it doesn't matter at all that the street is cold; the main thing is to be fashionable. After all, fashion, like beauty, always requires sure victims.

It is not necessary to purchase tight boots; doctors do not recommend pinching a foot in shoes. Use the laws of visual deception, get boots with vertical lacing and moderately wide shafts that end under the knee. Cuffs on boots will give legs slenderness and grace, and you can wear such boots with tights to match the shoes.

women boots in Egypt

What model of women boots in Egypt will neither fill nor shorten the leg?

  1. If you have wide calves, then you should not draw attention to them in any case. Large belts and fur on boots or catchy decor will only make your calves even more full.
  2. Owners of thin calves are not recommended to resort to full and voluminous models of boots made of "blown" material or with corrugation. If such boots are broad in the calf for at least a couple of centimeters, the impression will inevitably appear of even thinner calves and too slim legs. Choose boots of bright or light colors, and tights - not in tone, but a contrast to shoes.

  3. Boots with vertical lacing or zipper will make longer and slimmer legs. An additional effect will give a sharp toe and a small heel or wedge heel. A square toe and an expanded upper at the boots make the legs fuller and broader, so for short girls, this is not a good idea.

  4. An almond-shaped or rounded toe on boots will add femininity and grace, helping to hide wide feet. Buckles and ankle straps should be avoided if you do not want to focus on wide feet.

  5. Owners of large feet should avoid boots with narrow toes, as well as boots of bright colors. Shoes with a rounded cape, dark in color, and on a platform are suitable for them.

What factors to consider when choosing women boots in Egypt?

When shopping, women, of course, are not guided by the brand in the first place, several essential factors influence the choice. 

  1. Season. Boots for winter suits, leather products with an inner fur insert are suitable for winter, high-quality leatherette is in demand today, inside a natural material can replace a warm bike or another textile with insulation. Demi-season shoes are made of similar materials but without padding. 
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  2. Style. It is determined by the clothes or features of the woman's legs. So, for full calves, it is difficult to find elegant boots with a thin stiletto heel, such are usually equipped with a flat sole, a small wedge, or a stable minimum heel.

    Clothing is no less important: for a long skirt, you can wear both over-the-knee boots and medium boots to the middle of the calf or slightly above it, but with a regular fit. If a sock with jeans or leggings inside is supposed, the top should be wide.

  3. Type of closing. Lacing or zipper? The question is not only aesthetic but also practical: for a full lower leg, the presence of a lace almost to the toe is a real salvation, because the width of the upper leg is thus regulated. Lightning is a universal option, but it needs a windproof lining. 

  4. Convenient block. Responsible manufacturers make even high-heeled boots comfortable: arch support, a stiff heel, pads for fingers - all these elements should be in shoes of any style. 

  5. The material. Demi-season and winter boots can be made of genuine or artificial leather, suede, textile. In this matter, you should focus on the climate and the way of wearing.

    If wet snow prevails in the city, it is better to choose thick waterproof leather or leatherette. For those who ride in a car or walk in the snow, soft suede or textiles are more suitable - these are breathable materials. 

Combining all the factors and choosing the perfect pair of women boots in Egypt is often possible only by fitting. The shoes must sit perfectly on foot. Feel free to try Jlood products, as they are actually some the best ever.

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How to choose women boots depending on your figure?

  • For women with an apple-shaped figure, boots with a wide, stable heel are suitable, since they will add the required volume to the thin legs and make what is called standing firmly on their feet.
  • Ladies with curvaceous shapes fit boots on a steady corrugated heel.
  • If you have short legs, in no case do not wear knee-length boots with horizontal buckles or straps, because such parts will cut and shorten your leg, and knee-high boots should, on the contrary, lengthen your legs.
  • Stiletto heels look perfect on the tiny legs of young girls who can not boast of the presence of roundness and curvaceous.
  • If you want to boast of long and slender legs, then choose boots with a sharp toe. A narrow toe will create the illusion of endless legs.
  • If you are a happy owner of a small foot, you should take a closer look at the boots on a low, thin, and stable heel. In addition to being very stylish, they are also very comfortable.
  • But remember: no matter what your figure, the most fashionable and stylish accessory is your confidence. So love your body, radiate confidence, and you will shine from within.