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Totes bags in Egypt

Totes bags in Egypt

Rami Abadir |

Totes bags in Egypt

Totes bags in Egypt have not been out of fashion for more than one season and are suitable for shopping, and the gym, for office and business meetings -  totes bags, a faithful assistant to a business woman.

A simple model for any occasion, in which you can wear everything from business documents to baby diapers and bottles - and at the same time look fashionable and stylish.

Model description of Totes bags in Egypt

    The classic model of a tote bag is very concise:

    • Rectangular shape with a pronounced bottom.
    • Big size.
    • Open top.
    • Only one compartment without pockets.
    • Handles are small or medium length.

    You can carry such a bag in your hand or at the bend of your elbow.

    Totes bags in Egypt

    Over time, the accessory has slightly changed and “overgrown” with interesting design “chips”:

    • The shape can now be either rectangular or square or trapezoidal, with rounded corners or a “basket”.
    • Often added a long shoulder strap.
    • A modern touch does not always have a rigid frame.
    • Inside several compartments with zippers and buttons.
    • The surface is decorated with various decorative elements made of metal and even embroidery.

    All these innovations again forced fashionistas to pay attention to this bag and significantly increased the number of its fans.

    The Best Totes bags in Egypt

      There is always a demand for Totes bags in Egypt. Every lady wants to have them in her wardrobe. 

      A women bag tote is a great option for bulk purchases in the Greta online store. Offering these bags to your customers, you will increase profits and get new regular customers.

      Tote bag in the assortment of your store guarantees sales throughout the year. 

      Comfortable, roomy, versatile, it is suitable for any season. 

      Women choose it for functionality and originality, successfully complementing with a stylish accessory a business, street or sports image.

      Tote - a bag for all occasions

        Totes bags in Egypt combine high fashion and everyday practicality. Spectacular and catchy products have won success among modern women who successfully combine family and career.

        A tote bag is not just a fashion accessory, but also an indispensable assistant for beautiful ladies. 

        With her, you can go to a business meeting, shopping, a country walk or to the gym.

        Models of tote bags are attractive to a wide audience. They are universal, they sell very quickly, you can buy both for winter and for summer. 

        Therefore, their presence in the catalog of your store will be a competent business decision.

        Totes bags

        What is a tote bag and how does it look

          A classic touch is a rectangular shape with two comfortable small or medium handles. You can wear it in your hand or on your shoulder. The main features of the product:

          • Open top.
          • Just one compartment without pockets.

          Over time, variations of the handbag appeared. Models began to be produced in which the top is closed with a zipper, buttons or magnets. 

          Designers equipped them with internal pockets. The shape has become more diverse. Today a handbag can be:

          • Square.
          • Polygonal.
          • Trapezoidal.
          • With rounded corners.
          • In the shape of a basket.

          Colors for every taste: from black and white to bright colors. There are monophonic options, as well as with a combination of several shades.

          Materials of Totes bags in Egypt

            Tote bag is most often made of genuine or artificial leather or textile (cotton, jute, canvas).

            A discreet, laconic leather tote bag with a minimum of finish, women choose for the office: durable, can withstand a heavy load and will last a long time. 

            And it looks solid, emphasizes the status of its owner. Textile options - light, colorful - are suitable for the beach and picnics.

            Beach straw tote bag will be a bestseller in summer. Also in the season-2020, a combination of materials is relevant - suede inserts on a fabric product, a combination of genuine leather and leatherette.

            Jlood Totes presents the best materials and designs in the Egyptian market, give it a try.

            How to wear a female tote

              Tote bag fits perfectly into the elegant casual, business bow, youth and eco-style. It is combined with city and business clothes:

              • Three-piece suit.
              • A skirt with a blouse.
              • Trousers with a shirt or blazer.
              • All kinds of jeans with tunic, t-shirt, top.
              • Sundress, summer dresses.

              Shoes fit almost any. The tote bag looks good with over-the-knee boots, heeled ankle boots, sneakers, boats, sandals, and slates.

              Model benefits

                The main advantage of the model is spaciousness. This will include a laptop, and working documents, and products for the home, plus a lot of little things that no woman can do without. 

                The tote bag of young mothers, who often have nowhere to put numerous children's things, helps out.

                Functionality is not the only advantage. The accessory will make the selected image more spectacular, add zest to the bow.

                Tote bag

                What is different from a tote?

                  A tote bag in Egypt is often compared to a shopper. This is another fashionable and sought-after model that is relevant for the 2020 season. Confusing them is very simple, if you do not know about the key differences:

                  1. Bag in the style of touch - any size, has a soft or frame shape. A shopper is always a large rectangle or square.
                  2. Tote bag can be elegant or austere, complemented by zippers and pockets. The sherpa has only one compartment and no fastener.
                  3. A modern touch can have long and even removable shoulder straps in addition to handles. A sherpa has only two shoulder arms.
                  4. The tote bag has an elegant design. A sherpa's appearance is simpler, without designer frills.

                  What images can I add a tote to?

                    First of all, a tote bag is used by fashionistas in a casual style. A large accessory will equally complement the ensemble of jeans and a loose shirt, fitted coat and mini, a country-style costume . 

                    From shoes, almost any model in the chosen style is suitable here.

                    To emphasize the image of a business lady, it is better to bring a tote of a laconic model of the basic color with a minimum of decorative elements that will harmoniously fit into the style with a three-piece suit or a set of trousers and a jacket. 

                    The final chord of the image will be pumps.

                    Interesting! Today there are tote bags for men in Egypt. In fact, they differ little from women, it can only be color and decor. 

                    Among the main models of men's totes are the usual carrying, which is quite suitable for going to the beach, an everyday bag in which there are often pockets and a fastener for buttons or zippers, as well as a business model made of leather for serious men.