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How to choose Indoor sport shoes in Egypt for fitness?

How to choose Indoor sport shoes in Egypt for fitness?

Rami Abadir |

How to choose Indoor sport shoes in Egypt for fitness, Cross Fit and strength training

Choosing the right Indoor sport shoes in Egypt for training is very important. Since they significantly reduce the risk of injury, increase the effectiveness of classes and, most importantly, the presence or absence of pleasure from sports. Let's talk about the intricacies of choosing Indoor sport shoes in Egypt for fitness and consider the advantages of popular brands.

Choosing Indoor sport shoes in Egypt: Basic Rules

When purchasing sneakers for fitness, you must adhere to two important rules.

First, sports shoes should be comfortable and not cause any discomfort.

Second - you should select it strictly for its intended purpose.


  • Fitness shoes.
  • Sneakers for sports aerobics.
  • Shoes for work on building muscle mass and beauty of relief.

Indoor sport shoes in Egypt

Separate recommendations on how to choose Indoor sport shoes in Egypt:

  1. Look at the soles - look for durable, but not the densest. Shoes with special gel inserts that soften the load on the feet are preferred.
  2. Buy products from light and freely breathing materials.
  3. Take a look at the appearance of the models. Pick up these sneakers to look beautiful in them.

Let's move on to the nuances of choosing sneakers for different training tasks.

Features of fitness sneakers

Experts have created quite a few types of fitness, combining cardio load and coordination exercises, but excluding targeted muscle building.

Distinctive properties of indoor fitness sneakers:

  • Lightness necessary for speed of movement while maintaining balance.
  • The breathability, which is best provided by the mesh upper - with it the feet do not sweat too much during fitness, remaining dry for a long time.
  • The flexibility of the sole, allowing performing heel movements as naturally as possible.
  • A certain softness of the sole - less than for exercises with high shock load, but suitable to do jumping without discomfort.

Aerobic Training Sneakers

If your training program consists of aerobic exercises, the best purchase would be cross-training sneakers with enhanced shock-absorbing properties.

An excellent example of suitable sneakers is (Jlood) sports aerobics products.

Important! The second model features reinforced support for the arch of the foot, making these aerobics sneakers suitable for lovers of healthy lifestyles with flat feet.

If your variety of fitness includes many jumps, turns, and twists, train in shoes with exceptional foot support.

Power Sneakers

Even the best fitness sneakers are not recommended for muscle building. If you are going to increase muscle mass in the simulator, buy shoes with a grooved sole, which prevents slipping. Shoes with thickening in the heel area are very necessary for your balance (minimizing the risk of falling).

The base and heel area of ​​the gym shoes-rocking shoes should be much more robust and stronger than shoes for aerobic and cardio exercises. This is necessary to minimize the risk of damage to the foot and Achilles tendons when exercising with weights and to make the compression load on the spine even.

Indoor sport shoes

Choose material carefully when buying Indoor sport shoes in Egypt

The material of the sneakers for fitness is preferable natural, slightly soft, and moderately elastic. Training sneakers made with a combination of natural fabric and lycra are pretty good.

Specialists advise fitness lovers to purchase products with a perfect fit on the leg, achieved thanks to buckles for fixing the shaft.


No less important is the top of the sneakers. When selecting, it is recommended to build on that, what kind of sport or fitness you want to try.

If you are looking for shoes for group training, yoga or stretching, pay attention to the elasticity of the material and the density of the fit. Not so relevant, from what made running shoes, valuable experience. It is better to choose a fabric top, which stretches in all directions. Many brands have models with the so-called bootie-construction - in shape, it is, instead, a thick sock, the presence of which is effortless to forget. This means, you will not be distracted no matter what, and quickly learn everything, that says a coach or master.

Sneakers for dancing are distinguished by reliable lateral fixation (usually in the form of a plastic frame) - it helps with sudden rearrangements. A round insert on the sole in the support area in the forefoot will help you to spin easily in place.


Buying Indoor sport shoes in Egypt, you will not be mistaken if you take white sneakers. They have an exquisite look and are combined with any color of clothing for sports.

If you can find sports shoes in the store that are in harmony with the color of your suit for training in the gym - it's even better.

Outsole material

Top manufacturers synthesize polymer foam for the soles of fitness shoes, making the sneakers more stable and cushioned than made with rubber.

Many companies make the sole thin, thereby achieving a combination of stability and lightness. When choosing shoes, we do not recommend looking for a sole smaller than 1.5 centimeters.

sport shoes

How not to make a mistake with the size while buying Indoor sport shoes in Egypt

Having found the right running shoes for jogging or fitness, be sure to try them on.

Four simple recommendations will help you make the right choice of shoe size:

  1. Put on the socks of the same thickness as for training. You can take them with you to the store and change into them before trying them on.
  2. Shoe sneakers on both legs. If the right shoe comes up, try the left one as well and make sure that it also fits the foot.
  3. Lace-up both sneakers completely and take two or three steps back and forth. This is a way to make sure that this couple is yours.
  4. Track (feel) how tight the shoes are?

Now briefly talk about the benefits of products of successful brands worthy of topping the ranking of sneakers for fitness. Jlood is one of the most reliable brands, as they have the best quality handled by the best professionals. 

Want to try CrossFit, which has been talked about so much lately? You'll need shoes, which will protect the foot while working with barbells, vultures, and dumbbells. But at the same time allowing you to take sharp acceleration - with a soft sole and durable, but soft top. It is important to remember that the material should be breathable top - in the room is hot.