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how to Purchase Football shoes in Egypt?

how to Purchase Football shoes in Egypt?

Rami Abadir |

STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS FOR Purchasing Football shoes in Egypt!


With all the variety of models of soles in football shoes in Egypt, they are mainly distinguished by the presence or absence of spikes.

Models without spikes are designed to play on a hard surface: in the hall, on a rubberized coating, asphalt, etc.

Studded football boots are designed for playing on the ground, grass, and artificial fields. Which model is suitable for you or your child depends on which coating and weather conditions to play on.

Eight steps to purchase the perfect Football shoes in Egypt 

Step 1: Find out what material the boots of the model you like are made of.

When you are buying football shoes in Egypt You can read about the material on the box, or ask the seller.

A sensible seller will answer your question. Here are the options for his answers: from genuine leather, from artificial leather, combined boots. In order to deal with professional sellers, I highly recommend Jlood as they have the best teams selling the best materials.

Football shoes in Egypt

In order not to fall into a stupor when the seller designates the boot material for you, decide in advance what you want, or instead, what your child needs.

  • Boots made of genuine leather.

The main advantage of the skin is that it can "fit in" under the anatomical features of its owner's foot. Also, such shoes breathe better, providing comfort throughout the game.

The disadvantage of leather boots is that in a wet field, they quickly get wet and become heavy. Therefore, leather shoes need to be bought to play on suitable surfaces in beautiful weather.

Try wear both boots. At a minimum, these boots should be size to size, because, over time, boots made of genuine leather wear out. Some adult athletes even take them half a size smaller.

The process of "lapping" the feet to the boots can take from several days to two to three weeks.

An important tip for those who decide to buy football shoes in Egypt is: genuine leather boots wear out over time so that they can "grow" with the foot of the child.

If the child begins to complain that the shoes have become small for him, soak them in boiling water (without fanaticism), remove, cool, and put them on your feet moist. Let him resemble them. Boots after such a procedure can increase by half the size.

  • Boots made of artificial materials.

Do not expect such shoes to stretch over time. Synthetic material is better suited for adverse weather conditions. Also, boots made from synthetics are much lighter.

Compared to leather, synthetics are worse at letting air in and are poorly stretched. But shoes made of expensive synthetics are usually close to leather in quality.

Boots made of synthetic leather and polymeric materials should preferably be taken with a small margin of 5-10 mm, that is, half or more.

Football shoe

Step 2: Trying

While buying football shoes in Egypt, You need to wear both boots. When trying on, lace up your shoes while standing when the foot is in the usual position for the child. Wearing boots, ask the child to go in them, go for a run, jump up and to the sides, squat.

When going to the store, take your leggings with you. Trying, in this case, will be more informative. If you buy boots for winter, try on shoes with an extra warm toe.

Step 3: Pay attention to the placement of the lacing.

  • Straight lacing - a classic design with a full foot coverage - ensures a secure fit.
  • Asymmetric- increases the area of ​​contact with the ball and does not interfere with striking and taking the shot. 
  • Without laces- professional boots, first of all, are the most popular with Adidas. Reliable fixation is ensured thanks to the elastic top of the boots; the lack of laces reduces weight and does not interfere with handling the ball.

Step 4: Ask the seller what year the boot model is.

When buying football shoes in Egypt, You could save a significant amount of money if you bought a model of boots last season. Buying such shoes, think that only half a year - a year ago, these boots were expensive, and not everyone could afford to buy them, and feel free to purchase if the child is comfortable with them. For the best quality, I recommend (Jlood); as they are maybe the leading brand in Egypt.

Football shoes Nike

Step 5: Before buying for your child, ask him what kind of boots a little footballer dreams of.

If he already has an idol, then he will be pleased to buy children's replicas of models in which Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi or Neymar plays.

Step 6: Having decided on the model, feel free to buy shoes, and breathe calmly.

You have several months of respite because not far off is the weather, responsible competitions in another region, on a different surface, as well as an irreversible increase in your child's foot, which entails the next agony of choice for parents, but only for those who do not own the information that you now hold.

Step 7: Ensure proper care.

After each training session, you need to clean the boots of dirt. Often between the top of the boot and the sole in the area of ​​the toe, grass and dirt are packed.

Be sure to clean all this in a timely manner; otherwise, the single may come off over time.

Football shoes Black

Drying boots are better at natural temperatures, avoiding direct sunlight. It is undesirable to put on the battery; it is better to put it next to the battery.

Look, special dryers for boots are now sold in stores (they differ from shoe dryers). You can put a regular newspaper in the shoes to absorb unpleasant odors. With proper care, boots can last faithfully for one to two years.

Step 8.: Advice that will save you and your child's nerves and protect from unpleasant problems associated with the purchase of new boots:

Having bought new boots, do not rush to throw out the old ones. Be sure to take both new and old boots for training!

New boots can cause painful wear in the first minutes of exercise. In this case, you need to stop practice and put on old shoes urgently.

Gradually, the foot will get used to it; the boots will "sit" on your foot.