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Your guide to have Sports shoes in Egypt

Your guide to have Sports shoes in Egypt

Rami Abadir |

Sports shoes in Egypt are used not only for training, but also for walking, outdoor activities and every day's life. But the question is how to choose the sports shoes and what to consider when buying?

Sports shoes are not universal. Fitness shoes are not suitable for running at all, and you can’t do tennis in football boots. Of course, you can go for a run in the couple in the morning, then to work, then to the fitness center, and in the evening to the club with friends.

At the end of the promenade, go to the cottage in the same sneakers, and in a week only shoelaces will remain from the shoes.

If you are actively involved in several sports, it is important to understand that each of them needs its own equipment.

Sports shoes in Egypt

You will not play basketball with a soccer ball? So with shoes like that. It is better to purchase several pairs for various purposes than to try to make universal what cannot be such.

What to look for when searching for Sports shoes in Egypt?

The foot acts as a shock absorber in the human body. It is her that accounts for the main load during movement. From above, the whole weight of a person presses on the foot.

But three quarters of people do not train in the shoes that are suitable for a particular sport. Therefore, it should be understood what are the requirements for sports shoes for each sport.

  • Running

During running, vibrations are created that respond to the joints and spinal column.

To compensate for these vibrations, you should choose sneakers with an elastic sole, the thickness of which is at least 2 cm. Sports shoes in Egypt for jogging should be soft and taper to the front.

The load distribution is handled perfectly by an air cushion or silicone. Since the sole is flat, additional heel and back stiffeners are required.

It is clear that the shoes of runners should weigh as little as possible, but all companies produce just such equipment.

High sneakers that interfere with the movement of the ankle are not designed for jogging. When jogging on a flat surface, athletic shoes with a thin sole and a ribbed pattern are suitable.

If you are running on rough terrain or on rough roads, then you need to choose sneakers with a thicker grooved sole. And you will need additional lateral support.

Sports shoes in Egypt

  • Fitness

During fitness, a person makes jumps, which also puts a strain on the musculoskeletal system. However, these vibrations are not as frequent as during running, and therefore the sole of the shoe for this sport can be thinner and softer.

Fitness sneakers should be lightweight, breathable. Since aerobics is usually done in the gym, you can prefer shoes with a mesh or porous surface, which will increase ventilation. Sports shoes in Egypt for fitness are suitable for daily wear and walks.

  • Tennis

During the game of tennis, the athlete jumps, runs, turns sharply in place, changes direction. It is clear that such somersaults cannot but be accompanied by injuries.

Tennis sports shoes in Egypt should be massive. The sole is firm, bending only in the toe (this is necessary when jumping high).

Shoes themselves should be lightweight, providing good lateral support. Moreover, the height of the sneakers should not exceed the ankle.

  • Active walking

Some, due to their state of health or physical fitness, are engaged not in running, but in active walking (not to be confused with sports). Actually, these are almost the same walks, they only take place at a faster pace. Finding quality shoes for this sport is not easy.

Sports shoes

The latest development of scientists was a semicircular sole, which creates the illusion of wiggle. It allows you to evenly distribute the load throughout the body, removing excess from the spine and joints.

Walking shoes should be light, durable and breathable, have a sole with shock-absorbing properties and a grooved pattern.

In this case, the depth of the pattern depends on the evenness of the road. On smooth asphalt, this can be a regular pattern, but the further into the forest, the deeper this pattern should be.

  • Basketball

Basketball players often jump in height, and therefore the shoes should be high and perfectly support the ankle. For lateral fixation, special tabs are inserted into basketball sneakers. Sports shoes should sit tightly on the foot of the basketball player.

Since they tightly fix the leg, they are completely unsuitable for everyday wear. However, doing jogging or fitness in them will also not be convenient.

Sports shoes in Egypt for Basketball should have a wide hard sole, preferably with a shallow grooved pattern, which will improve grip and reduce the chance of slipping.

Sports boots

  • Football

Football boots are another story altogether. This sports shoes even has a separate name. Due to the fact that there are spikes on the sole of the boot (with rare exceptions), it provides excellent adhesion to the field cover. They prevent the foot from turning.

It’s not easy to choose boots by size. Due to the fact that they tightly cover the leg, there is no gap in them for swelling, and therefore by the evening the shoes may seem tight.

On some models, the laces are shifted to the side, which provides better control over the ball. When choosing a sneaker for football, be sure to move around - the spikes should not cause discomfort.

How to choose the right Sports shoes in Egypt

Given all of the above, you can pick up good sneakers for your sport. But do not forget that the foot of each person has its own characteristics, and therefore you should consider this when buying.

Consider giving Jlood a trial, their team of specialists will help you out to get the perfect sports shoes.

So that the selected shoes do not cause inconvenience, you must follow a few rules:

Sports shoes Black

  • Buy shoes designed only for "your" sport. If you try to play tennis in studded boots, then, firstly, it will lead to quick fatigue, and secondly, to the possibility of injury.
  • The foot of each person is individual. You should not rush to buy sneakers that your friend liked. He has his own legs, his own characteristics. Therefore, when you come to the store for shoes, be sure to try on them. To avoid inconvenience in the future, it is necessary to make several of the movements that your sport implies - to jump or run on the spot. Only then you will understand whether this model is suitable for you or whether you should choose another.
  • As for individually, some people also have health problems, and every third athlete has a high rise. These cases require a special insole. An orthopedist can advise you which shoes to choose in this case.
  • The size of the shoes is not chosen as usual everyday. During sports, the legs get an increased load. If your sport involves a long training session, then you should purchase sneakers so that there is at least 5 mm between the thumb and the toe of the shoe.
  • The width of the sneakers is also important. You should not think that lacing can be tightened so that the equipment does not hang on the leg. You should not expect that narrow shoes will stretch over time.
  • Average shoes with shock-absorbing effect are designed for a person weighing up to 90 kg. If you weigh more, you should consider purchasing special sneakers.
  • Even if you are a fan of fashion, you should not wear specialized sneakers for every day, adapted to a particular sport. It is unlikely that you will enjoy being in spikes or in tennis shoes all day long. This will only lead to health problems.
  • Sports shoes are designed specifically for the gym (except for running equipment). Do not wear the sole by friction on the asphalt. In addition, it will not protect the foot from surface drops or on a gravel path.

Choosing the right Sports shoes in Egypt, you not only protect yourself from injuries and fatigue, you will get real pleasure doing your favorite sport. The wrong choice will turn your training into torture, and therefore do not chase low cost.