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How to choose the right basketball shoes in Egypt?

How to choose the right basketball shoes in Egypt?

If you decided to purchase basketball shoes in Egypt, you should know that the purpose of sneakers in sports is to provide convenience and comfort during competitions or training. The sports shoe industry offers models tailored to the specific game. Basketball sneakers are an essential element of a basketball player’s equipment. How to choose basketball sneakers correctly? You need to know the requirements for shoes for this sport, selection criteria, as well as the athlete's specialization on the site.

basketball shoes in Egypt

The rapid movements of the basketball player in the game, maneuvers, turns, a sharp change of direction create a high load for the foot and ankle. The most common basketball injury is an ankle dislocation.

The relevance of the right choice of basketball shoes in Egypt

Properly selected basketball shoes will reliably fix the ankle, dampen the force of impact on the surface when jumping, and create stability when moving.

Basic requirements for basketball sneakers:

  • Stability during lateral movements.
  • Excellent grip on the playground.
  • Mitigation of jumping shock loads on the legs.
  • Fixing the foot and ankle.
  • Ensuring freedom of movement of the athlete.
  • High resistance to wear (especially crucial if you choose basketball shoes for the street).

Cheap basketball shoes rarely meet all the requirements.

The main criteria for selecting basketball shoes in Egypt:

  • Player specialization on the site.
  • Quality of the sole and material.
  • Rigid fixation of the ankle.

Classification according to the position in the game

Basketball shoes in Egypt come in three types: high, medium (universal), and low. The choice in favor of one kind or another is made under the game's role.


They have a sole of increased thickness and a high block. Best suited for heavy forwards and center players - the tallest and largest players.


  • Have improved stability.
  • Provide maximum cushioning.
  • Completely close and firmly fix the ankle joint.


  • More substantial than other models.
  • High block fetters a step, reduces speed.

basketball shoes in Egypt

Universal / Medium (mid)

Mid-height basketball shoes are preferred by light forwards, snipers, and universal players.

The advantage is significantly lighter weight; the disadvantages are a solid sole and less reliable fixation of the ankle.


An ideal choice for point guards and fast attacking defenders moving in jerks, with sudden stops and changes in direction.


  • Practical.
  • Maneuverable.


  • Weakly fix the ankle.
  • Wear out relatively quickly.

However, do not be distrustful of low sneakers due to poor fixation of the ankle. As practice shows, even perfect high sneakers will not help much if the landing is unsuccessful.

Which materials to prefer when buying basketball shoes in Egypt

Contrary to popular belief, an entirely leather upper sneaker is not the best option. The combination of leather and high-tech synthetic materials is much better. Leather will provide strength, while synthetics will provide lightness, flexibility, and breathability. Sneakers with a fully synthetic upper are quickly gaining popularity because they are lighter and stronger thanks to the use of modern synthetic materials.

basketball shoes in Egypt

The zone of the middle layer of the sole, which is responsible for cushioning, for high-quality sneakers is made of composite materials or silicone gel.

There are widespread models with foamed polyurethane in the sole, softening the blows, as well as with an increased outsole width, which provides stability during sudden movements to the side.

  • Outsole Features

The sole of basketball shoes provides traction and softens vertical kicks when jumping. It should be comprehensive and flat. The wider the sole, the higher the traction, stability, and therefore the lower the likelihood of an ankle injury.

The quality of the soles for indoor and outdoor use is different. The sole for smooth hall floors are soft, corrugated, anti-slip. Rubber outsole clings well to a wooden cover. The herringbone pattern will further enhance traction in turns and stops. Basketball sneakers for the street are equipped with a dense, rigid sole, resistant to abrasion on asphalt.

What to consider when buying basketball shoes in Egypt

Professionals have two main attributes for choosing gaming shoes:

  1. Thick flexible corrugated sole for cushioning, stability and side support.
  2. Large rigid calcaneal part, enhancing ankle fixation.

A store of basketball shoes and sports equipment, in general, is the best place to buy suitable shoes. However; reliable brands of shoes – such as Jlood – shall provide you with premium quality basketball shoes.

When trying on, you need to remember that sneakers should fit your legs tight. Sharp movements check comfort for the game left and right, back and forth.

basketball shoes

Not always, the desire to buy basketball shoes in the online store is justified. The main problem is the lack of fitting. It is much more reliable to contact specialized stores where you can touch and measure the goods. And also, remember those excellent basketball sneakers cannot be cheap.

Some fitting tips while buying basketball shoes in Egypt

  • After choosing a specific model, you must immediately measure a pair of sneakers on both legs. It is best to try to jump into them or stop abruptly; that is, try to do what usually happens in the game.
  • When measuring basketball shoes, it is advisable to measure them in socks that are similar to those in which you are going to play. If a player continually uses an elastic bandage or ankle calipers, shoes should be tried on in them.
  • It is essential to determine whether the foot in the shoe is sufficiently stableIt should not be pinched, but also not to slip and dangle. Like any sports shoes, basketball sneakers need to be chosen 0.5 sizes looser. Because the leg swells from stress during the game, and the boots will press you and injure your foot and fingers. Thus, trying on sneakers is a crucial step that will provide you comfort, convenience, and health of your legs.

Basketball sneakers for children - which is better?

An essential choice of children's basketball shoes in Egypt is comfort. Fast movements, sudden stops, maneuvers - all this can lead to possible injuries. Especially prone to these injuries to the ankle. Therefore, the best choice for children will be – safety.

basketball sneaker

Mandatory requirements for choosing basketball shoes for children are a stiff heel, elastic, and soft soles. Try to keep the sneakers on the entire foot, while the toe should be smooth and comfortable to bend.

  • If your child often plays basketball indoors, make sure that the sole of the shoe does not slip. If most of the time training takes place on the street, then pay attention to the choice of sneakers with excellent abrasion resistance; so that you do not have to buy several pairs per season.
  • In the version of the game on the grassy lawn, any running sneakers that are soft on their own and will not hamper the movements of a novice athlete are suitable.

And finally! We also recommend choosing basketball shoes in Egypt from well-known Online store such as Jlood . This is an excellent way to protect yourself from fakes and buy quality goods. Indeed, to maintain its reputation, We Only Import Quality Products, and you are guaranteed comfort and safety.

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