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How to choose medical shoes in Egypt?

How to choose medical shoes in Egypt?

While searching for medical shoes in Egypt, you should consider that shoes are the most critical component of a medical wardrobe.

The comfort and well-being of the doctor, the ease and effectiveness of each working day, depending on its convenience. Shoes for doctors must be durable, functional, safe, so the production of products of this category is not without some subtleties. Such as Diabetic shoe .

The work of health workers is associated with an extended stay on their feet, which requires a particularly careful selection of medical shoes in Egypt .

The surgeon spends hours at the operating table. Doctors of other specializations and junior staff in clinics make rounds, continuously move between the wards, give injections, droppers, and perform other manipulations.

To create maximum comfort for the lower extremities is the primary task that modern medical shoes successfully cope with.

Varieties of medical shoes in Egypt

In women and men, the anatomy of the feet is somewhat different; this explains that, even at first glance, such primitive shoes as clogs and slippers are differentiated by gender.

medical shoes in Egypt

Models for women often have a small heel, which compensates for pronation, giving confidence to the gait, and a beautiful posture on the back. They can have flirty coloring, a floral ornament, or a classic white color.

A strict form and color distinguish men, come with and without heels, have a compact and functional design with a minimum of decorative elements.

The most important requirements are placed on products for surgeons since they have to stand almost motionless at the operating table.

More often, they prefer medical sneakers, Velcro shoes, or laces, which, with shoe covers on top, allows for perfect hygiene. 

More often, men's clogs are dark, and women's shoes are light, which are beautifully combined with medical clothes and a headdress, embodying neatness and cleanliness.

Unlike regular shoes, specialized products for medical staff win in many essential ways. The design is designed in such a way as to prevent orthopedic diseases, injuries, scrapes, provide comfort, and reduce the likelihood of spreading hospital infections.

Why is it important to give preference to special orthopedic shoes

Since this element of the uniform is worn in medical institutions, special requirements are imposed on them.

The first rule is to purchase medical shoes in Egypt only from specialized stores because there are certificates for goods, and they comply with sanitary standards.

Visually similar models can be seen in various retail outlets, for example, in supermarkets, small shops, in transitions, or markets. Still, in reality, the difference between them and real orthopedic honey shoes is enormous.

In them, the paramedic will not be able to stand on his feet for a long time without feeling fatigued, while the feet will sweat, corns will appear, and the sole will glide on the tiled floors.

medical shoes

Besides, most fakes are made of non-natural materials; they are bulky and uncomfortable. Therefore, only the right medical shoes can provide convenience for the whole day.

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Criteria for choosing orthopedic shoes in Egypt

It is essential to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • The use of only natural materials of the upper and lining - leather, nubuck, suede, dense textile. This is necessary so that the legs are provided with regular air access. moisture should not accumulate inside, and excessive sweating does not occur since dermatological diseases can occur with prolonged wear of such products. An additional plus with medical shoes in Egypt is a perforation when microcirculation improves due to microholes.
  • The sole should be moderately flexible, lightweight, durable, grooved, shock-absorbing, non-slip, and anti-static. It is essential that they are silent and not disturb the sick when the medical staff walks along the corridors and wards. Samples intended for operating rooms should have excellent adhesion to the floor, which is ensured by rubberization. This characteristic allows you to feel the stability on slippery tiles. 
  • The heel is small; it is allowed no higher than 4 cm; in medical shoes in Egypt otherwise, with prolonged standing, this often provokes back problems, causing intervertebral hernias and other diseases of the spine. A low heel, on the contrary, promotes proper posture and installation of the feet. 
  • Toe - rounded, wide, to prevent squeezing and rubbing the fingers. The sock mustn't be rigid from the inside out - it has a soft, pleasant skin feel. 
  • The shape of the product should be such that the feet do not hang out, but the fingers are not squeezed. The inside shouldn't be too spacious - it is better than the sock rests on the fingers since, with a wide toe, there are friction and the formation of corns.
  • Design - it is vital that beauty is combined with the requirements for medical shoes. The main one is sterility; for this, it should be easy to wash, treated with antiseptics, without damaging the material. It is recommended to choose concise models, with a minimum of small elements. This is the case when simplicity and moderation are always appropriate.
  • Hygienic, orthopedic insoles - will support the arches in an anatomically correct position, help to distribute the load evenly and will absorb excess moisture;
  • Antibacterial impregnation - protects against the development of fungus and other harmful microorganisms, as well as the appearance of unpleasant odors.

medical shoes in Egypt

How to choose shoes  for doctors and what you need to pay special attention to?

There are several such criteria:

  • Particular attention should be paid to the material from which medical shoes are made - these should be high-quality natural materials: leather, textiles, nubuck, which can be subjected to hygienic sanitization and the appearance of the product is not lost.
  • The surface must be selected perforated, it passes air and allows the skin to breathe, is also universal for any season.
  • The sole for the honey shoe must be flexible, not slip and spring well when moving.

What to avoid when choosing medical shoes?

During the entire shift, the doctor has to walk or stand a lot, and the result is a constant load on the whole spine. Therefore, along with the rules of rational choice: how to choose honey shoes, some criteria should be avoided. Here are the most basic of them:

  • It is necessary to exclude models with high heels (more than 3.5-4 cm) - prolonged wearing leads to the early development of varicose veins.
  • And vice versa, a completely flat and even sole is also not suitable. When wearing this option, muscles and tendons are loaded, and as a result, the risk of trauma increases.
  • Just do not save and buy medical shoes made of low-quality synthetic materials, they retain moisture. They do not provide the necessary air and heat exchange. This can be the cause of various skin diseases.

Knowledge of how to choose medical shoes in Egypt and the right approach will help you find the right option for specialized shoes for work in a medical institution.

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