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How to choose Sunglasses for women in Egypt?

How to choose Sunglasses for women in Egypt?

Rules for selecting Sunglasses for women in Egypt according to the shape of the face

Sunglasses for women in Egypt partially block ultraviolet and visible sunlight while maintaining eye health. Also, they are used as an accessory to create a stylish look.

Many women are interested in how to choose sunglasses according to the shape of their faces so that they look harmonious and emphasize their natural beauty.

Currently, the market for ophthalmic products has a wide selection of spectacle optics designed to protect from the sun.

When choosing these optical products, many parameters should be taken into accounts, such as lens material, their color, and level of a blackout, indicators of protection against UV rays and sunlight, as well as the presence of additional coatings.

The shape of the glasses also plays an important role. They should be combined with the shape of the face of its owner and emphasize its natural beauty.

Improperly selected optics can violate the harmonious proportions of the face, visually highlight the imperfections, for example, further expand the round or narrow the oval.

It is not difficult to choose the right women's sunglasses if you familiarize yourself with simple recommendations.

Sunglasses for women in Egypt

How to choose Sunglasses for women in Egypt?

    Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of sunglasses from the most diverse shapes. The most popular models include aviators.

    They got their name due to their similarity with the safety glasses of civilian and military pilots.

    The peculiarity of aviators is that they do not close the eyebrows and repeat the shape of the orbit in a ratio of 1: 2. These products were invented back in 1936 by Bausch & Lomb and have remained accessible to this day.

    Butterfly glasses are also quite popular. This form of the frame was named due to the visual similarity with the wings of butterflies.

    Such glasses are stretched to the sides and narrower at the nose bridge. The cat-eye model is universal.

    She looks equally good with both strict office clothes and a summer sundress, except for a tracksuit. Such optical products have elongated and pointed upper corners.

    Among modern fashionistas, sunglasses of the round, rectangular, oval, and non-standard shapes, as well as club masters with a half-rimmed rim and a massive top, are widely in demand.

    Optical products should be selected in accordance with the shape of the face. This will emphasize its natural beauty and create a harmonious image.

    Popular shapes of sunglasses:

    • Aviators
    • "Cat's eye."
    • Butterfly.
    • Weifarer.
    • Club master.
    • Round, oval, non-standard, rectangular.

    How to choose Sunglasses for women in Egypt for a round and oval face?

    Sunglasses for women

    • Round face

    The length and width of the oval face are almost the same. In the hairline, it has a smooth and rounded contour.

    A broad chin, as a rule, visually increases it from the bottom. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a model of sunglasses that will create the effect of lengthening.

    It is recommended to pay attention to the models of dark color, which visually narrow the face, bringing it closer to the oval.

    In order to balance the proportions, you should choose a frame whose width is higher than the height.

    It is recommended that you refrain from buying round-shaped optics with a narrow frame, sharply defined angles, or colored lenses, as well as products that cover the eyebrows.

    Suitable for round face shape:

    • Square, rectangular glasses.
    • "Cat's eye."
    • Aviators.
    • Wifarera.
    • Butterflies.
    • Models with a narrow nose bridge.
    • Oval face

    The length of the oval face is slightly higher than the width. The chin is rounded. The fullest part is the cheekbones.

    In general, it looks quite harmonious, so when choosing glasses, it is essential to maintain the natural proportions.

    Experts recommend avoiding models with too full and massive frames. It is also worth refraining from buying optical products that have narrow frames with sharp angles.

    The upper part of the structure should coincide with the eyebrow line.

    Suitable for oval face shape:

    • Frames have a smooth shape: oval, round.
    • Aviators.
    • "Cat's eye."
    • Butterfly glasses.


      The width and length of the square face are almost the same, the hairline is straight, and the chin is broad and angular.

      When choosing glasses, it should be noted that square and rectangular shapes will look too bulky.

      Narrow and miniature models will also not look very harmonious. It is recommended to give preference to rounded frames, which will help visually soften and balance the strict lines of the face.

      Suitable for square face:

      • Oval, round, teardrop-shaped glasses.
      • Models with a color frame.
      • "Cat's eye."
      • Aviators.
      • Big glasses.
      • Rectangular

      Massive glasses are suitable for people with an oblong rectangular face, allowing you to expand it and make it more proportional visually. Sunglasses for women in Egypt.

      Transparent optical products with a thin frame to match the skin will also look good. At the same time, it is better to abandon too narrow and color models.

      women Sunglass

      For a rectangular face shape suitable:

      • Massive glasses with a large frame.
      • Aviators.
      • Models with a round frame.
      • Triangular

      The length of an angular face is usually slightly larger than the width. It narrows somewhat to the temples.

      A broad square chin makes the lower part more visible. Therefore, the main task of the glasses is to expand the upper part of the face.

      To do this, it is recommended to choose models with a full top and a large frame. At the same time, its lower part should not be sharp and square.

      You should also refrain from buying glasses with a narrow or small structure.

      For a triangular face shape suitable:

      • Round models without bright decorations;
      • Massive glasses with bulky frames.
      • Aviators.
      • Heart-shaped.

      The length of the heart-shaped face is slightly higher than its width. Due to the narrow cheekbones and forehead, as well as a broad square chin, visually, it seems that it narrows to the temples - Sunglasses for women in Egypt.

      In this case, it is recommended to choose the shape of the sunglasses, which will "weight" the lower and balance the upper part of the face.

      At the same time, it is recommended to refuse to buy goods with a heavy and large rim, butterfly glasses, and a cat's eye, as well as challenging models with bright colors and products that cover the eyebrows.

      For a heart-shaped face are suitable:

      • Aviators.
      • Wifarera.
      • Rounded and round patterns.
      • Glasses with a frame having a narrow jumper.
      • A model with low set arms.

      It should be noted that in each case, the points will look different. When choosing Sunglasses for women in Egypt, you should consider your taste preferences.

      It is essential that the sunglasses are not only stylish but also comfortable in everyday use, as well as the owners of the necessary protective properties (from ultraviolet radiation and visible sunlight).

      Women who drive a car are advised to choose a model with a polarizing filter that blocks the glare from the roadway, hood, etc.

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